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Is you chest lagging? Do you want more size? Do you want a more atheistically pleasing chest? Well most people would say yes to at least one of these questions so I have the workout for you.

Is you chest lagging? Do you want more size? Do you want a more atheistically pleasing chest? Well most people would say yes to at least one of these questions so I have the workout for you. It is derived from the principles of Positions of Flexion and allows both low rep and high rep work to be done in the same set. This workout is not for beginners but if you have been training a while you will have no problems although one person who I suggested the routine to was unable to complete the incline exercises due to the fact the routine is so demanding.

Firstly a bit of background information about positions of flexion.

The POF method was developed by Steve Holman after years of research. The system bases itself on being the most efficient way to build muscle and here is why. For each body part you do a maximum of three working exercises and 2-3 sets per exercise. One exercise is called a midrange exercise which works in synergy with other muscles. These are your typical mass builders. Second is a stretch exercise in which the muscle is stretched and it is usually behind the body. The final position is that of peak contraction.

The best body part to use as an example of POF is the biceps. Your midrange exercise would be barbell curls. These are considered the best mass builder and the biceps work in synergy with other muscles such as the delts. The stretch exercise would be incline curls where your arms are stretched as the hang behind you. Finally the contracted exercise would be concentration curls.

Some body parts only need to exercises for each position to be achieved. Hamstrings are one. Stiff-legged deadlifts are both midrange and stretch while leg curls are the contraction exercise.

The Chest program A typical POF chest program would look like this:

  • Bench Press 2x7-10
  • Pec Dec 2x7-10
  • Incline Press 2x7-10
  • Incline flyes 2x7-10
However the routine I propose is a superset routine. You work a midrange exercise followed immediately by a stretch and contraction one. And I also suggest using declines as well as the add a 'lift' to your chest and improve the separation between you cheat and ribcage.

This is the workout, use it once or twice a week as you are able but I feel it is better to train very hard and only do this routine once a week.

Middle Chest: Bench press and cable crossover 3x6,6-8

This means you do six reps of bench press immediately followed by 6-8 reps of cable crossover then rest.

Upper Chest: Incline Dumbbell press and incline flyes 3x6,6-8

Lower Chest: Decline Dumbbell press and decline flyes 3x6,6-8

This routine does work you will probably notice a little difference after just one workout. Remember train hard and heavy especially on the presses and ensure you always reach failure.

My next article will be on how to increase your max. bench. So until then all the best in you lifting endeavors.

Callum Mahoney

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