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Contest Preparation Guide

Introduction To Contest Prep

Watch this quick video to get the scoop on Contest Prep.

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Win The Competition!


You know how much effort you've got to put into your workouts, diet and supplement program. But what do you need to prepare for those last few weeks, days and minutes right before you step on stage at your contest? Things to consider are:

  • Practice posing several weeks out or watch competition videos to inspire you!
  • Learn about pre-contest nutrition and supplementation to get you as lean and dry for the stage.
  • Choose a posing suit far in advance to ensure a good fit and color
  • Pick tanning products to highlight your muscular definition for when you step on stage
  • Check out posing oils to help you get a glossy, polished and super defined look!
What do you need right before you step on stage?

Visualize Your Own Victory


Whether it's your first time preparing for a contest or you've been down the road to success before, everyone could use a motivation boost and some advice from the experts.

Contest and Posing videos are great learning tools for teaching you exactly what you need to do to get ready for stage day. Get all the basics covered on diet and posing and boost your motivation and confidence by seeing real life amazing physiques in action and on stage.

Set yourself apart from the rest of the lineup!

The Devil's In The Details


Tanning products are perfect for an all-over glow and heightened body definition. Whether it's your first time or just a new brand - try the product out on a patch of skin a week before your contest. Make sure the color is right for you ahead of time so you can exchange it if need be!

Hair removal products are a great alternative to inconvenient shaving and uncomfortable waxing. Going hairless to your competition will spotlight your physique!

Natural diuretics such as Dandelion extract, Uva Ursi leaf and other herbs and vitamins-minerals can support a super dry, lean look and bring out the vascularity. Just make sure to drink plenty of water when taking a diuretic.

Before the show, don't be nervous; be prepared!

Tame Pre-contest Butterflies


In order to perform your best, you'll want a few tools to use during the time before you walk out on stage. The one thing you can't go on stage without is your posing suit! Don't leave your choice to last minute - make sure to check out style and color options and ensure a correct fit for your body. High quality, eye-catching posing suits are worth it!

When you want your muscles to look hard, vascular and striated - you've got to promote blood flow. Vasodilators are a great option for the day of your contest because vasodilators may help you support blood flow and muscle pumps. *

If your tan is set or you don't need a tan, you may want to consider using posing oil. Promote the overall look of your physique and really shine in the spotlight with posing oils.

Don't let your energy well run dry, tap into the reserves.

Keep Your Energy Flowing


On show day you should be prepared with meals and snacks ahead of time. If you're not sure that a protein bar will re-fuel you, check out energy bars that fit the bill perfectly. Available in a variety of different calorie levels, they'll provide nutrition on the go so you can focus on what matters most - getting psyched to be on stage.

Get psyched to be on stage.

Other Contest Preparation Categories



Natural diuretics may help you shed extra water – getting you dry and vascular for your competition!

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Men's Posing Suits

Men's Posing Suits

Step on stage with ultimate confidence - choose a high quality men's posing suit from a variety of colors.

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Women's Posing Suits

Women's Posing Suits

Show off that hard earned physique and take the spotlight in a high quality women's posing suit - choose from a variety of colors!

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Shaving & Hair Removal

Shaving & Hair Removal

Stepping on stage soon? Don’t forget to remove your body hair! Check out the top shaving and hair removal products!

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Tanning Products

Tanning Products

Your tan can make or break you on stage. Make sure your tan is perfect by choosing from our great selection of tanning products!

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Posing Oils

Posing Oils

Make the most of your contest preparation! Show off your hard work and glisten on stage with posing oil!

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