Protein Product Review: Syntha-6 & Pro Muscle Glycotein Great Anytime!

Train hard and ensure that you consume adequate protein! Below are reviews for BSN Syntha-6 & STS Pro Muscle Glycotein. Get the latest opinions on these right here.

BSN Syntha-6 Review

dot Nutrition Information: dot

    What's In It?

      Serving Size: 1 Scoop
      Amount Per Serving
      • Calories: 200
      • Calories From Fat: 50
      Amount Per Serving and/or % Daily Value*
      • Total Fat: 6g (9%)
      • Saturated Fat: 2g (10%)
      • Cholesterol: 55mg (20%)
      • Sodium: 220mg (9%)
      • Potassium: 170mg (5%)
      • Total Carbohydrate: 15g (5%)
      • Dietary Fiber: 5g (20%)
      • Sugars: 2g
      • Protein: 22g (44%)
      Amount Per Serving and/or % Daily Value*
      • Calcium: 90mg (9%)
      • Calcium: 90mg (9%) Phosphorous: 90mg (9%)

    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower based on your calorie needs.

    Directions: Serve cold and shake well before consuming. Use as a snack or take pre- or post-workout. Refrigerate after opening.

Syntha-6 BSN Presents:

SYNTHA-6 is the ultra-premium protein that tastes 'ridiculously' delicious!
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dot Introduction: dot

    I had ordered BSN Syntha-6 when a friend of mine requested it. I felt that it was very high end in terms of packaging and marketing, and as a person of utility, I would sooner eat protein supplements that taste like cardboard if it means saving some money while still getting the same quality product.

    I decided to give BSN Syntha-6 a try, as it is a product which I considered to be higher end and figured premium protein powders are worth checking out too. The price for BSN Syntha-6 is actually quite reasonable - only $27.99 for 2.91 pounds, so don't be too turned off by it! It all depends on what you are looking for.

    One serving size consists of one rounded scoop and is 44 grams in weight. Each scoop contains a whopping 200 calories and has 22 grams of protein! There are 15 grams of carbohydrates per scoop, five grams of fiber, and six grams of fat. The flavor my friend chose was "Mochachino" although BSN offers the following flavors for Syntha-6 as well:

    • Banana
    • Chocolate Milk Shake
    • Chocolate Mint
    • Chocolate Peanut Butter
    • Cookies & Cream
    • Mochachino
    • Strawberry Milk Shake
    • Vanilla Ice Cream

    Premium flavors for a premium product!

dot Taste: dot

    Delicious! I give Syntha-6 an A+++ as far as taste is concerned. I really can't say enough about how good it tasted. I always expect there to be something negative to report on the taste of any health supplement, no matter how small, but I can say with great certainty that BSN Syntha-6 is a definite exception and is a delicious supplement.

    I mixed it in skim milk but I also tried it in water. My preference is to mix it with milk. I found that mixing it in water made the taste more bland which was to be expected - eating these shakes almost made me want to take up drinking coffee.

By: kmenlumen
Great taste. I take it before going to bed so I don't wake up because I'm hungry.

10 Out Of 10
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dot Mixability/Texture: dot

    I mixed the protein shakes in a glass and stirred it with a spoon and at first I thought it was clumping up because some of the protein remained at the top of the glass. The truth is though, while there was a little which remained floating, it mixed almost perfectly well, practically dissolving completely in the liquid.

    This is one of the benefits of using a premium quality protein powder - in addition to nutrition value, you will also get great texture and quality which you can see in all of the shakes you make, pretty well no matter how you choose to make them.

dot Overall Review: dot

    BSN Syntha-6's mochachino flavor is delicious and obviously high end - all of the nutrition I am looking for is present and I guess the bottom line comes down to... just that... the bottom line.

    You can get 2.91 lbs. of Syntha-6 for $27.99, while you can get 5 lbs of Higher Power 100% Whey Power for $32.99. It all depends on whether or not the added benefits of taste and mixability are worth it to you. As always, I am here to provide you with honest and accurate reviews of all supplements so that you can best make decisions related to your supplement needs.

Syntha-6 BSN Presents:

SYNTHA-6 is the ultra-premium protein that tastes 'ridiculously' delicious!
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STS Pro Muscle Glycotein Review

STS Pro Muscle Glycotein was yet another supplement sample which I picked up at the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest. Without question, the 2007 Olympia weekend in Las Vegas was one of the most worthy bodybuilding endeavors I've been on yet and I came home with a ton of supplements for review.

STS Pro Muscle Glycotein was a very unique supplement and one which was distinctly different from any other protein powder which I tried before.

Glycotein promises to replenish glycogen storage so that you don't burn muscle for fuel. That is a pretty big claim, and you will note that the list of ingredients is different from other protein blends.

It contains 17 grams of high quality protein and 16 grams of carbohydrates (balanced using the glycemic index) for maximum protein and glycogen storage. The three types of protein in Pro Muscle Glycotein are:

  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Micellar Casein

Just a brief side note, that the cost of whey is going up as of 2007 so expect prices of whey protein based supplements to rise. Casein based products may have a competitive edge in the near future.

The Glycotein certainly does have an interesting matrix of ingredients and I would initially assume a lot of research went into designing such a specific blend. That said, it makes interesting claims and if it does what it says it does, it would no doubt be a worthy supplement to keep on hand.

Each serving size is one packet and weighs 40 grams. It is 150 calories in total with only five calories from fat (1/2 a gram!) and 17 grams of protein. Overall, I like this breakdown, although the overall number of calories is somewhat low for my bulking purposes - I can see how many people would include this supplement as part of a weight loss diet.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Pro Muscle Glycotein
Pro Muscle Glycotein STS Presents:
Pro Muscle Glycotein

The Pro Muscle Glycotein formula contains 17 grams of high quality protein and 16 grams of glycemically balanced carbohydrates for maximum protein and glycogen storage.
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dot Taste: dot

    I chose to consume the Glycotein mix in a shake format, mixed with both milk and water and with a banana. The mixture consisted of 2/3 2% milk and 1/3 water. There was no particular reason why I chose these quantities other than the fact that I simply ran out of milk!

    Also, to be exact, I used about 3/4 of the banana since some was rotten. These details aren't particularly relevant to the proper way to consume Glycotein since it boils down to preference, but I tend to prefer a complete shake described above if I have the top - usually immediately post workout during the 15 minute anabolic window which I use to restore glycogen stores via a protein shake.

    Overall, the Glycotein mix tasted good, although I got a little bit of that healthful aftertaste I usually only notice when I drink very healthy drink mixes and supplements.

    Often a protein powders will taste like a snack treat, but when it is full of healthy ingredients, I find it tastes a little worse. That is just common sense - the better something tastes, the more likely it is not to be good for you! With that said, I would assume that the Glycotein blend is quite healthy. Not that it tasted bad, but I did find it to have a little aftertaste.

dot Mixability/Texture: dot

    The Glycotein dietary supplement mixed perfectly well in the shake mix I described above. I noted that the texture was thin and slightly grainy but definitely nothing to worry about. Overall it mixed very well and was easy to drink.

dot Digestibility: dot

    I had absolutely no problems digesting this supplement. I can honestly say that I have never had any problems digesting any protein mix, and this was no exception.

dot Effectiveness: dot

    Based on only one use of this supplement, I can't determine the effectiveness, but it appears to be a healthful blend and based on the ingredient breakdown, something that I would be happy to include in my diet as part of a balanced overall nutrition program.

dot Overall Review: dot

    Delicious and healthful - my only two concerns with this product would be the artificial milk chocolate flavor - it seems that just about every nutritional supplement out there has artificial flavor in some way which is strange to me and sort of defeats the purpose.

    The only other thing I would comment on in addition to the above mentioned remarks is that 30 packets of this supplement costs $51.99 resulting in the per unit price to $1.73, which is somewhat steep, especially if you are consuming multiple samples per day.

    Good health does not necessarily come cheap though, but there are other less expensive supplements out there which essentially deliver the same result. It comes down to preference and no doubt this will be a product which is well received by many in the health and fitness community based on its numerous good qualities as a supplement.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Pro Muscle Glycotein
Pro Muscle Glycotein STS Presents:
Pro Muscle Glycotein

The Pro Muscle Glycotein formula contains 17 grams of high quality protein and 16 grams of glycemically balanced carbohydrates for maximum protein and glycogen storage.
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