6 Tips To Get Kids To Eat Their Whey - And Like It Too!

Getting your children on a good whey protein is safe and simple... Here are some simple tricks you can use to get your kids taking their whey. See what they are.

Article Summary:
  • Protein packed muffins are a big hit among children because of the delicious taste.
  • An easy way to sneak protein powder into a snack is using sugar free Jell-O or pudding.
  • When you get your kids involved with the cooking process, everything seems to taste better.

While you, as an adult, know that protein is essential to making progress with your workout program and will do what it takes to meet your requirements, your kids may not quite understand this concept. To them, food is fun and if it doesn't taste good, it isn't going to go down.

You likely experienced this before when trying to feed children their vegetables at dinner, and if you have fussy children, chances are they're going to turn their noses up at many protein sources as well.

Getting your children on a good whey protein powder is a safe and simple method of boosting their protein intake to make sure they meet their needs. Unfortunately most of the foods kids snack on aren't high in protein at all - in fact they're very high in processed carbohydrates which is half the reason so many are facing childhood weight problems in the modern age.

By creating more balance in their diet and tilting the scales toward a higher protein intake, you'll not only help better-fuel their physical activities but also promote a leaner body composition as well.

Unfortunately Most Of The Foods Kids Snack On Aren't High In Protein At All.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Unfortunately Most Of The Foods Kids Snack
On Aren't High In Protein At All.

Get Your Kids To Take Their Whey

1. Bake It Into Muffins:

Muffins are typically a big hit among kids and when prepared using moderate portion sizes and whole grains (oatmeal, oat bran and whole wheat flour), can be an extremely healthy snack for them to take to school.

Typically muffins are on the low side of protein however, so a scoop or two of protein powder will fix that in a hurry. The protein powder blends very nicely with the other dry ingredients and will bake up perfectly.

Be aware that you may want to add a bit higher volume of wet ingredients to the mixture if you're adding protein powder, or else the other option you can do is swap a portion of the flour called for and use protein powder instead.

High Protein Lemon Blueberry Muffins:

In one bowl, mix together:

In a seperate bowl, mix together:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Pour the first batch into the second, little by little, mixing well. You should also add some water a little bit at a time until the batter becomes liquidy enough.

Pour that into cupcake molds and pop it in the oven for 15 minutes. They're done when a knife inserted comes out clean. This also makes a great loaf of bread if you'd prefer to do that. This recipe makes 8 muffins.

  • Calories: 953 (batch), 118 (per muffin)
  • Protein: 96 grams (batch), 12 grams (per muffin)
  • Carbs: 118 grams (batch), 15 grams (per muffin)
  • Fats: 7 grams (batch), 1 gram (per muffin)

2. Mix It With Their Favorite Jell-O Or Pudding:

A quick snack for after school that most kids tend to go for is Jell-O or pudding. Now that Jell-O has come out with sugar-free varieties of both of these, it's easy to control the calorie and sugar content, which will go a long ways toward keeping the weight off.

Protein powder sneaks right into both of these very easily (choose a fruit flavored such as Syntrax Nectar if using Jell-O and a chocolate or vanilla flavor protein if using pudding mix) and you will boost the protein content considerably.

Even better, if you prepare the pudding mix with skim or 1% milk, you've just increased their servings of dairy for the day, which is another thing some kids struggle to get in.

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3. Make Fun Fruit Smoothies:

When you get your kids involved with the cooking process, everything just seems to taste better to them. They'll really get excited to eat it if they helped create it. Use this principle and have them come up with their own fruit smoothies.

Offer a wide selection of fresh or frozen fruit to choose from, as well as some low-sugar yogurt, real fruit juice or milk. Allow them to pick and choose what they like, and then place one scoop of protein powder in at the end. With all the other ingredients in there, they likely won't even notice the protein powder.

Help Your Kids Come Up With Their Own Fruit Smoothies, And Add A Scoop Of Protein Powder In At The End.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Help Your Kids Come Up With Their Own Fruit Smoothies,
And Add A Scoop Of Protein Powder In At The End.

4. Mix It With Chocolate Milk:

Chocolate milk is slightly higher in total sugar content, but if your kids drink it after they've been active, this is perfectly fine since the carbohydrates will get used by their just-worked muscles.

Since this beverage has a strong taste itself, blend half a scoop of chocolate protein powder in with one cup of chocolate milk, and it will hide the taste well. Experiment with both chocolate and vanilla flavors of protein powder to figure out which your kids prefer.

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5. Stir It Into Oatmeal:

Getting your kids off the sugary cereals they love so much at breakfast time is going to be one challenge that you face on a regular basis. It's far better from them, nutritionally speaking, to choose a whole-grain cold cereal or even better yet, oatmeal.

Just don't let them get hooked on the sugar-packets of oatmeal you can purchase pre-made. Instead, get them introduced to regular oats as soon as possible so they will get used to that taste.

To help improve the overall taste of the oats so they will enjoy it more, consider stirring in half a scoop of their favorite flavor of protein powder after it's finished cooking. Cook with milk instead of water in addition to this so that even more flavor is added to help it go down easier.

Once it's prepared and the protein powder is mixed in, then consider a few other flavor additions such as cinnamon, sugar-free maple syrup, fresh blueberries, raspberries or a sliced banana.

If your kids like the choco-peanut butter banana combo, prepare the oatmeal and stir in half a scoop of chocolate protein powder along with one tablespoon of peanut butter, and then slice a banana over the top. This will contain a perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

Get Your Kids Introduced To Regular Oats As Soon As Possible So That They Will Get Used To That Taste.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Get Your Kids Introduced To Regular Oats As Soon
As Possible So That They Will Get Used To That Taste.

6. Mix It Into A Fruit Dip:

Finally, if you have kids who love having fruit as a snack, this is a perfect opportunity to boost their protein intake.

Mix up a fruit-flavored, protein-packed dip by combining half a cup of light Cool Whip topping with half a cup of fruit flavored yogurt and a tablespoon or two of their favorite fruit-flavored juice.

Once this is all blended together, then stir in half to one scoop of a protein powder in a flavor to match until well mixed.

If You Have Kids Who Love Having Fruit As A Snack This Is A Perfect Opportunity To Boost Their Protein Intake.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
If You Have Kids Who Love Having Fruit As A Snack This
Is A Perfect Opportunity To Boost Their Protein Intake.


Sneaking more protein into your child's diet doesn't have to be a challenge if you keep a few simple strategies in mind and are willing to get a little creative.

As your kids reach the teenage years, especially young males, you'll find they may even want to start taking protein powder regularly if they're already showing an interest in weight lifting and building lean muscle mass.

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