Contest Results Submission

Contest results and photos submission guidelines for submitting bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini competitions. would like to have every contest ever promoted on the site but we all know that is impossible because of the amount of shows put on each year. In order to get closer to the goal of adding all contests to the site we are constantly changing the way we do things to be more efficient and productive and that is why we have come up with some guidelines to help promoters get us the information in the right format for us to get contests added to the site.

Submitting Results receives a large amount or contest results every week to add to our extensive database. To be able to add as many contests as possible in a reasonable time we ask that you follow the following guidelines when submitting competition results..

  • Please have all results typed in a word document, excel or even email format.
  • Please have the contestants listed under their respective divisions in final placing order with first place on top, and do not add in the placing numbers.
  • Double check all name spelling and have the names typed exactly as they will show up on the web page with proper capitalization. (Ex. John Doe).
  • Do not type them in all capital letters.
  • Once results are typed please send them to

If you have any questions about submitting results for a contest please email

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