Brian is certified personal trainer with a Bachelors degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Brian's military, bodybuilding, and powerlifting records are impressive.


Originally form Limerick, Ireland. Brian has relocated to Southern California, where he now lives with his wife. He has been around the bodybuilding scene for three decades, and has vast wealth of experience. He is an IFBB Professional Division Judge and is also a successful bodybuilding competitor, winning no fewer than 7 National titles in his homeland of Ireland, he has also won a gold medal from the World Powerlifting Championships. Brian earned a Bachelors degree in Sports & Exercise Science, from the University of Limerick, Ireland, an internationally renowned school for that field.

He is also a 7 year military veteran, having served on several combat missions. His vast life experience, sporting background and education make Brian (AKA Bullers) a great resource for living the fitness lifestyle. He was's fitness writer of the year for 2008, he also writes for several print publications, most notably Planet Muscle.

Vital Stats

  • NAME: Brian Bullman
  • BORN: November 5th 1977
  • BIRTHPLACE: Limerick, Ireland
  • STATS: Ht. 5'6" Wt. 185 pounds - contest weight; 200 pounds - off-season.
  • CURRENT RESIDENCE: Southern California.
  • EDUCATION: Dip. In Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations & Sales - Certified Fitness Trainer - I am currently in my 4th year of a BSc. Degree in Sports & Exercise Science at the University of Limerick

Contest History


  • 2006 National Championships, 1st Middleweight
  • 2005 National Championships, 1st Middleweight
  • 2003 National Championships, 1st Middleweight
  • 2002 National Championships, 1st Middleweight
  • 2000 National Championships, 3rd Middleweight
  • 1996 Roseanna Bodybuilding Classic, 3rd (U21)
  • 1996 Nationals Championships, 2nd (U21)
  • 1995 National Championships, 3rd (U18)
  • 1994 National Championships, 1st (U18)
  • 1993 National Championships, 1st (U18)
  • 1993 National Championships 3rd (Men's Novice)


  • 2006 World Bench Press Championship, 1st Middleweight
  • 2005 National Bench Press Championships, 1st Middleweight
  • 2000 Body-power Bench Press Championship, 1st (U75kg)
  • 2000 National Power Lifting Championships, 1st (U75kg)



He can be contacted at


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