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    Using Water To Be Dry On Contest Day!

    By: Joe Klemczewski

    Drifting in and out of sleep for most of the night, your routine ran through your mind at times, your pulse raced, you wondered if it would work. Would your skin be dry? Would deep crevices and vascularity be visible like so many days in the last two weeks? Or... would you look soft... ?

    Date Added: Oct 9, 2003

  • All About Water Retention: Get Ripped Fast!

    By: Herve Duchemin

    I hear it all the time... I do so much cardio, and my diet and training are so on point, yet I still have this layer of fat covering my abs! What\'s the matter with me? Well... that layer of muscle-masking mess that you might assume to be fat, could in fact be primarily subcutaneous fluid, otherwise known as water weight.

    Date Added: Sep 14, 2014

  • Final Contest Prep: The Art Of Coming In Dry... Naturally!

    By: Leigh Penman

    When it comes to contest preparation the final few weeks are vital when it comes to fine tuning your physique. Let's take a look at some of these natural diuretics and how they can make you not only look better but also assist your body...

    Date Added: Apr 9, 2009

  • How To Get Shredded To The Bone In Only 5 Days!

    By: MuscleTech

    Ever wondered how your favorite pro bodybuilder or action movie star transform their physique from lean to insanely peeled in just days... Follow these 5 advanced key components to look shredded fast. Find out more.

    Date Added: Feb 16, 2009

  • How Can You Cut Water Weight The Last Week Before A Contest?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    How can you cut water weight the last week before a contest? When you step on stage you want to make sure that you have every advantage possible. There is a little strategy to this... Learn more!

    Date Added: Dec 23, 2008

  • The Peaking Axis, Part II: Effects Of Sodium And Potassium.

    By: Joe Klemczewski

    Bodybuilders have two goals regarding peaking - Huge & Tight. In part II of this series I'm going to focus on sodium and potassium because they will ultimately decide on whether you go into a contest shredded or soft. Learn more right here.

    Date Added: Oct 31, 2007

  • The Peaking Axis: Part I, Effects Of Carbs & Water.

    By: Joe Klemczewski

    Bodybuilders have two goals regarding peaking - Huge & Tight. I'm going to focus on water and carbs here because they are the biggest variables when it comes to peaking. Learn how to make these huge factors work in your favor.

    Date Added: Oct 15, 2007

  • Peak Week: Get Tips For Final Contest Prep!

    By: Anthony Lee

    Enter the 'peak week,' a grueling final step to help you achieve maximum muscle definition and a shredded physique. Get tips on water consumption, sodium intake and more right here!

    Date Added: Sep 5, 2007

  • Just Drink Water, Backstage At A Competition!

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    Several times a year, while covering contest, I have to deal with individuals who have pushed themselves too far. They have dehydrated themselves to the point of lightheadedness and even passing out. Learn why you need to just drink water!

    Date Added: Aug 14, 2007

  • An Interview With Lee Labrada - Get Shredded And Lose Unwanted Water!

    By: Clayton South

    Water retention can affect every competitive bodybuilder. Young or old, beginner or seasoned… I sat down with pro bodybuilding legend and Labrada Nutrition CEO Lee Labrada to discuss water retention and how it's best managed.

    Date Added: May 7, 2007

  • Water, Water, Every Where: What Every Competitor Should Know!

    By: Bob Cicherillo

    Everything was looking good for the 3rd show of the 2004 competitive season until a couple hours before pre-judging. Find out what happened and why all competitors need to read this!

    Date Added: Apr 3, 2004