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We created this database to help bodybuilders around the country find upcoming competitions easily and quickly.

What is this?

We created this database to help bodybuilders around the country find upcoming competitions easily and quickly. How else do you find competitions in your area? Look for posters in your gym? Check out dozens of different web sites to get all the info? No longer!

All the bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions we could find from all the different organizations are in this huge database. All you have to do is make a few choices to narrow down the search and within seconds you have a full page of all the competitions that have been announced.

How much does it cost?

It is 100% free to use the search and to get your contest submitted! We just hope you will remember when you need supplements or bodybuilding accessories. Please visit our store.

What should I enter into the search form?

The search form is very easy to use. Here is a description of each input area:

Level: Choose "Amateur" if you have not earned your pro card in any organizations. This is the most often used option. Choose "Pro" if you are a pro or if you are looking up pro shows. You must have your pro card to compete in these competitions. Contact each bodybuilding organization to find out how to turn pro.

Date: When do you want to do the contest? Choose a range of months. In the first field, choose the "beginning" month. In the next field, choose the "latest" month. The search will return only results that are within that range. It will include the month chosen. If you only want to search for contests during ONE month, just choose that same month on both sides.

Location: Choose the state where the competition will be held. The default for the search is to select all location through out the world. If you want to focus on a specific country, select the country and then the Try Another Search button. This will set the list of states that country has, if you want to narrow the search further.

Natural Only: Choose NATURAL if you are looking for competitions that are designated as "Natural" competitions. These are for people who have not used any type of illegal drugs. Different organizations have different rules about what is considered natural. Choose NORMAL if you are looking for all other competitions. Not all of these are actually considered "steroid-user" competitions, and they may even have drug testing.

Fitness Contest: Choose this if you are looking for a contest that has a fitness competition. Many bodybuilding competitions also include fitness divisions.

Figure Contest: Figure contests are like Fitness contests but without the gymnastics round. If you want to search for these contests, choose this.

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