Female Transformation Of The Week - Ellie Hart.

Ellie has made amazing progress in a short period of time and continues to improve even more. See how she went from 189 pounds (28% BF) down to 141 pounds (14 % BF) and a size 6 waist.

Before Before:
189 lbs.
After After:
141 lbs.

Vital Stats

Name: Ellie Hart
Email: belliekat@yahoo.com
Age: 35
Occupation: Parole Officer
Before: I was 189 pounds size 14, 28% body fat
After: on contest day I was 141 pounds size 6, 14% body fat
Total of 4 months to accomplish my goal.

How I Got Started

My motivation was driven by several factors converging in my life at one time. I was turning 35, leaving a sad job that drained my soul and returning to law enforcement (my passion). My divorce was finally over and I felt a need to re-invent myself stronger and better than I had been before.

Ellie Ellie
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I Needed To Reinvent Myself.

I set many a goal to lose weight and be skinny, tried several fad diets and ended up confused as to how to eat, what to eat and why to eat at all.

Lost, I turned to the Internet, I researched health, fitness and weight training. Bodybuilding.com's site popped up, and in it I found a treasure trove of information, the transformations were inspiring and I found myself addicted. I couldn't get enough. I began to buy fitness magazines and re-read my old muscle and fitness books.

My family called me "obsessed" and expressed concern over my new zealousness. I didn't care, I saw the possibility of reaching my goals and the chance to finally keep up with my 6- and 4-year old children.

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Remembering Michelle Rice's transformation, in January 2006, I contacted Tres Bennett and Shannon Meteraud of Charleston S.C. for nutritional advice and guidance. They challenged me to follow their advice and back it up with action.

Compete in a figure contest. "NO problem" I thought.

I took photos from week to week to track my changes. The changes I saw on the outside were nothing compared to the changes occurring on the inside. I fell in love with the feeling of well being and the quiet peaceful spirit happening inside of me, these changes spurred me from week to week.

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4 Months Later.

4 months later ... PALMETTO CUP Contest day ... I was so nervous I shook like a leaf during pre-judging. It was the BEST experience, overcoming my fears revealing to the world my improved body and spirit. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

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I Wouldn't Trade The Experience For Anything.

I started out a fat chick and found myself 4 months later a Fit Chick with more energy and happier with who I am.

Weight Training

Sample Full Body Workout M/W/F:

Muscle Group Exercise Set/Reps
Chest Incline Bench Press X12 X12 X10
Back Seated Row X12 X12 X10
Shoulders Shoulder Press X12 X12 X10
Thighs Leg Press X15 X15 X12
Triceps Tri Press Down X15 X15 X12
Biceps BB Curls X15 X15 X12
Calves Standing Calf Raise X20 X20 X15
Abs Crunch X20 X20 X20

Sample Cardio:

    60 Min/6X Week/TreadmilL 3.3 Speed/7 Incline
    ** I do a cardio in the AM.


    1.25 Gallons Daily

Sample Diet

    Meal 1: 8 egg-white / 1 yolk, 1/2 cup oatmeal (box) w/ equal or Splenda and cinnamon

    Meal 2: Low carb protein shake w/ 1 tbsp natural peanut butter

    Meal 3: 8 oz. Chicken breast, Steamed green vegetables (plain)

    Meal 4: Low carb protein shake w/ 1 tbsp

    Meal 5: 6 oz. Salmon / steak, Green salad / oil vinegar

    Meal 6: 2 scoops Pro Score

    * No dairy
    * No bread
    * No canned chicken
    * No mayo


My Advice

Just do it ... Do whatever it takes for you to find that reason, that goal that will inspire you, to push yourself, to exceed beyond your known limits and become the person your spirit needs, wants, cries and begs you to be.

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Find Your Inspiration.

  • Hire a trainer or nutritionist
  • Surround yourself with positive things that will elevate you to your goal.
  • Ignore the naysayers. (Your justice will be when you accomplish your goal and prove them wrong.)
  • Be honest with yourself every step of the way and get up when you fall.

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