Teen Supplementation!

Many teens don't fully understand what the supplement or supplements they are taking does and frequently take something based on what they heard. Learn from here about some good quality supplements that can only benefit the teen athlete.

Many teens don't fully understand what the supplement or supplements they are taking does and frequently take something based on what they heard and not on actual facts.

It is important to research and fully understand everything about the supplement you are considering taking in order to decide if it is right for you. I will be describing the most popular supplements to help inform you and aid you on your supplement decisions.


Creatine is one of the most popular supplements that is used by professional athletes, amateur athletes, and anyone else trying to gain bulk and strength fast. Creatine is a natural component of skeletal muscle and is transported to the body's muscles in order to increase energy.

Creatine increases ATP and how often it can be recycled. In other words it increases how long the muscles can continue exerting maximum force then later increasing growth. However, some people do not respond to creatine use in the same way.

What Is ATP?
A nucleotide, C10H16N5O13P3, that contains high-energy phosphate bonds and is used to transport energy to cells for biochemical processes, including muscle contraction and enzymatic metabolism.

Some can be what is called a creatine none responder and not benefit from creatine.

Side Effects?

There are no known major side effects to creatine, although there are reports of the supplement causing bloating and gas. There has not been much long term study on creatine so some unknown factors may still existon.

Many people claim the added muscle is just water weight and the strength increase and weight increase is temporary.Creatine also pulls water away from the body and brings it into the muscle so it is extremely important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Yes it is true that creatine makes you retain water, but only 2 - 3 pounds is water weight and weight gains can range from 2-10 pounds.

The strength increase is for the most part permanent although you may notice a small loss of strength, but compared to the gain it Is not much. In my opinion it is a good way to gain strength and mass, but there is some unknown and risk involved with taking creatine.

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Glutamine is one of the most abundant and essential amino acids in the body and helps several processes function properly. It boosts the immune system, is a protein synthesizer, and speeds up muscle recovery.

These effects can be very beneficial especially when following a rigorous workout routine. Studies have shown that supplementing with glutamine can in some ways be the best way to reach peak performance.

When training intensely glutamine deficiencies can occur which is why supplementing with glutamine is very important. There are no side effects so it is 100% safe. In my opinion glutamine is a good supplement and should be considered by anyone.

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Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone supplements are growing in popularity among teens and many are not aware of the effects they can have. Testosterone falls in the androgen family and is by definition the male sex hormone. Testosterone has some of the same effects of steroids both positive and negative.

There is no doubt that testosterone can increase your strength and size but you must decide if the risks are really worth it. Too much of a testosterone supplement can be very harmful; they can damage your liver, enlarge your prostate, make you develop breast tissue, increase aggressiveness, and lower sperm count. When taking in to much testosterone it can even convert to estrogen.

Too Early For Most Teens

Teens are at a time in their lives when testosterone levels are already very high. So if you are considering taking testosterone supplements it is best to wait until you are past 30 when your testosterone levels start to lower.

My opinion is that testosterone supplements can be very effective in gaining strength and mass but it is best to wait until you are ready for them and are able to make an educated decision.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the best supplements a teen can use and anyone else that is trying to live a healthy life. Taking in whey protein right after a workout can give your muscle the nutrition they need and promote tissue growth. Whey protein is a high quality protein rich in essential amino acids which contains little fat.

Whey protein does not just benefit weightlifters looking to get big. Anyone of any age can benefit from it. Whey protein also contains protein synthesizers that are used to help you digest more of the protein so you benefit from the nutrition better.

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The best part of whey protein is that it is completely safe and completely effective. Any weightlifter will also tell you to use a good whey to get over a plateau. One way of increasing your protein intake with whey is by making whey protein shakes. My opinion is that whey protein is safe, effective, and gets the job done.

Nitric oxide products have been going through advances and gaining popularity. Nitric oxide is a free form of gas in the body that is used to communicate to cells and is a combination of the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide increases blood flow to vital organs and muscles. While working out more blood flows to the muscle you are working and floods it with nutrition.

Nitric oxide increases pumps, vascularity, definition, good cholesterol, size, and helps keep arteries unclogged. However, nitric oxide products do take time to kick in with an approximate time being about 4 weeks to notice minimal effects, and at least 6 weeks to notice maximum effects.

Side Effects?

No scientific studies have shown nitric oxide supplements to have side effects so it is a lot safer then other alternatives.

In my opinion nitric oxide supplements can be effective but they are not for anyone looking for quick results because it takes time to see the effects.

If you are patient enough however, and stick with it, the benefits will come.

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I hope I helped you with understanding some of the most popular supplements train safe and smart.