Laura McGraw Fitness 360: Supplement Program

Laura McGraw didn’t use supplements before the 2012 Transformation Challenge. Now, she supplements with a smart, effective, no-nonsense stack!

Laura knew she had to do something different. She had been training off and on for a decade without achieving her goals. When she took the 2012 Optimum Nutrition $100,000 Transformation Challenge, she dedicated herself to change, trained consistently, and discovered one supplement that changed her life. See Laura's stack here!

Laura McGraw Fitness 360

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Laura's Supplement Philosophy

I believe in supplements. They supplement your diet. I hadn't been consistent with supplements in the past, so I was 99 percent consistent with my supplements this time. Without a doubt, it made a difference.

I had never taken branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) before, and I had always struggled with recovery. I couldn't go day after day after day, hitting it hard, then get up and do it again and still be able to give 100 percent effort. I think I was lacking BCAAs. They've made a world of difference for me.

I'd always taken a multivitamin and my omegas. I supplement with protein powder and bars when I don't have whole foods on hand.

Every supplement does something different, but that doesn't mean your body needs everything. Everybody needs a multivitamin. Protein powder is great to have. My body digests whey protein the best, but somebody else might digest a different protein best. So, it depends on how you digest different foods and what works for you.

Laura's Supplement Stack

I take supplements to fill in the gaps when I lack nutrients from whole foods, and to aid recovery. Supplementation is great for helping my general wellness and recovery, but there is nothing like a good night's sleep and plenty of hydration to keep me feeling strong and on track.

Laura's Supplement Stack