Food Connection To Biology!

This is important information on who you really are and how you fit into the universal puzzle, and your relationship to the planet through the act of eating. There is not any other way as of yet that we survive without eating, so we live through our

This is important information on who you really are and how you fit into the universal puzzle, and your relationship to the planet through the act of eating. There is not any other way as of yet that we survive without eating, so we live through our mouth. Human beings as all other living species on this planet, live on the top soil. We either eat something that grows or we eat something that eats something else that survives from the top soil. The only other two things we do more often is breathing and sleeping.

If you're 30 years old you have had 32,000 meals in your life... That's a lot of raw material that you need to take in to survive.

Today's life is sometimes very technical and because of this we have schematic technical manuals for everything we've ever invented. However when you're born and as you grow up you rarely will find a manual on yourself, the human body or the mind. And that's partly what I am going to do right now, I'm going to share some knowledge and insights.

A New You Every 8 Months

If we put aside social, cultural, and family conditioning, and if we put aside geographical location, we have a human being or organism that is capable of regenerating or replacing itself. Unlike the car, the more we use the car the more it wears out. However, with the human body the more we use it, the better it gets. Your cells are yourselves or what you're made of.

Every second 9,000 cells die and are born.

You replace yourself physically faster than you can change your mind... Cellular regeneration is one of the wonders of Nature. Your stomach lining replaces itself every 5 days, liver every 8 weeks, your cells in your arteries every 6 weeks, even your taste buds change every 6 weeks. Most of your vital organs regenerate themselves on an average of 8 weeks.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, which also breathes and changes every month. Your skeleton, the bones that feel so very hard is replaced in 3 months. Your DNA that has record of your entire evolution of Mankind, the carbon, hydrogen, and peptides change every 6 weeks. In less than 8 months 98% of your molecules have been replaced.

The body that you leave this shopping center is a little bit different than the one you brought into this shopping center. So virtually every year I get a new me. Philosophers have said, the past does not equal the future and the human body is a perfect example that you can abuse this body, 20 -30 years, and it still keeps on regenerating. So no matter how you abuse the body it still can be repaired and replaced at any age in a short period of time.

Organic Salt

Now we are in a live cellular body, a living cellular body. Now, how do you create human live tissue by eating food? We know that live food creates live human tissue. To understand this process we have to go into the molecular level. 80% of the human body consists of water and in a large portion of it we find a mineral called organic salt.

Fruits and vegetables that have not been exposed to extreme heat also consist of approximately the same percentage of the water and organic salt. The organic salt is a mineral who's molecules move at a certain frequency level. The frequency level or vibration of the organic salt responds to the frequency level or vibration of the human organic salt.

Without getting into too much biophysics this is a very simplified explanation, however it is accurate and soon one realizes that food which is cooked or dead animal food can't possibly create that same environment, the environment to regenerate your cells. Throughout human history we see that cultures that survived on grains, fruits, and vegetables always lived twice as long as those on an 80% meat diet. Example, the Romans during the Roman Empire primarily were cooked meat eaters and had an average life span of 28 to 32 years.

The Paliginseans, living in Greece at the same time as the Romans, ate only fruit, they were fruitarians and there are records of them living up to 200 years old, so in our modern day the Eskimo living in the North, eats no fruits and vegetables and their average life span is 38 to 45 years. Two months ago, here in Veracruz, Mexico the news reported on a woman 140 years old. She said lived on only plants and water.


Because eating food has to go through a process called digestion, the one area that people is most familiar with is the stomach. The stomach works with 2 types of digestive juices, an alkaloid and an acidic. Example, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, corn are carbohydrates which need an alkaloid chemical to break it down. Proteins such as chicken, meat, eggs, cheese, need an acidic chemical.

Basic chemistry tells us that if you mix an acidic chemical and an alkaloid, you neutralize their ability. They cancel out each others effectiveness. In the case of the body, the protein mixed with carbohydrates confuses the body and therefore does not complete effective digestion. The remainders are left behind in the colon and other parts of the intestines.

98% of our medical sicknesses and diseases come from toxemia, this is when the toxins in your colon and intestines reach a high level and seep into the blood usually through the liver.

Toxemia is poisoning of the blood.

Social side effects to this process for men are prostate problems for 40% of men under the age of 50 with the precentage increasing to 80% of men over the age of 65. Colon cancer in our society is up to 40% now, men and women. Stomach cancer, intestine cancer, and cancers related to immune systems all originate from poor eating habits and incorrect ideas about food.

Our digestive system is a very long and winding road with many turns and corners. Other mammals that eat meat have a digestive track as straight as a muffler in a car, one straight long tube. Other animals that eat meat have extra long canine teeth like that of cats and dogs, our canines were made for raw fruits and vegetables.

In the last 40 years we have more people doing cancer research than have cancer and yet cancer is still on the rise. So we really haven't made an impact on the origination of the disease, we have only masked it and allowed it to express itself in other ways. The medical profession says that we live too short and die too long. I found this very ironic because most people believe that our health is in the doctor's hands and are insured and carry health insurance.

The Hippocrates oath has been part of the medical institution, every doctor understands this and if we study Hippocrates himself, he said -"Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food". Hippocrates himself was a fruitarian and believed in hydrotherapy and a number of other holistic natural techniques.

So food combinations are very important. The Tibetan monk that is most popular now has been eating singular items only for thousands of years. They knew that their digestive system works best when eating singular items only, they never mix the proteins with the carbohydrates like rice and chicken, meat and potatoes, pasta and cheese.

And they don't mix grains with starchy carbs, example, is they don't eat bread, rice and potatoes at the same time, they don't mix starchy carbs and they don't mix two proteins such as cheese and meat, chicken and fish. Animal protein exception the egg, are the hardest to digest.

Eat For Function

Eating for function is the true purpose of nutrition. Common sense tells us to match our biology to our food intake. In other words, eat for function, not always for fun.


Because we cannot separate ourselves from our environment we also have to consider our hereditary, cultural, and geographical location. Hereditary is easy to find out. If your family has a high incidence of diabetes or various types of cancer you already know that you may have a susceptibility.

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