Fun Valentine's Day Activities That Keep You True To Your Goals

Valentine's Day is huge for couples. For one night, romance takes precedence over trivial daily tasks. Check these links to see how balances romance and fitness!

Oh, muscle! How we love thee! Let us count the ways!

Valentine's Day gives us a chance to tell people we love how we feel about them. At, we foster an atmosphere of acceptance of everyone willing to take a chance and improve their appearance, attitude and quality of life. We love it when someone transforms their body and acquires self confidence.

The only thing we love more is people dedicated enough to transform permanently. V-day traditions may create diversions and make it difficult to remain true to a fitness plan and nutrition schedule. Sweets and candle-lit dinners may keep you out of the gym and make you mismanage your workout splits.

We polled members of Team to see how the best and brightest find fun and sexy ways to celebrate their love, both personal and muscular. Our crack team gives suggestions, recipes and incentives to abide by your promise.

This is a big holiday, but it's only one day of the year. Make it memorable for the right reasons!

5 Healthy & Fit Valentine's Day Indulgences

5 Healthy & Fit Valentine's Day Indulgences

There's a lot more to love than you think! Indulge in a superb V-Day weekend without busting your health and fitness goals.

Creating A Healthy Valentine's Dinner For Your Special Someone.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, many of you are going to be planning out a surprise for the special person in your life.