Fitness 360: Rodney Razor, Supplement Program

Quality results are supported by quality supplements. Here's what Rodney Razor uses to build his physique-pro body!

Fitness 360: Rodney Razor, Supplement Program

To win the 2014 BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest, Rodney Razor had to bring all facets of his physique preparation together. This, of course, included his tough training schedule and recently adopted clean eating plan, but the final touches were added by a simple supplement stack. Check out his stack and get ripped like Rodney!

Rodney Razor Fit 360
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Rodney's Supplement philosophy

Rodney Razor

Your body needs quality fuel to function at peak levels. Most of that fuel comes from food, but supplements can add a little extra kick when you need it. When you train as hard as Rodney Razor does, you may need extra supplements to recover properly.

Rodney includes creatine in his stack because he knows it can help boost his strength, lean gains, and overall results from smart training. "If you're already doing the right things, then [the right supplements] will help you," Rodney says. "I believe in assistance all day long."

Whey protein is the next awesome supplement in his regimen, but he acknowledges that some people aren't looking for the extra calories that can come in a scoop of your favorite whey. He suggests, if you're counting calories, to just take BCAAs to assist your workouts. They help with recovery, but at less caloric cost.

The best thing about modern protein is that you don't have to choose which is better: whey, casein, or egg protein. Many products today include blends of all three. Many protein products also include post-workout ingredients such as extra BCAAs, creatine, or additional L-glutamine.

Rodney also takes some basic vitamins and daily fish oil. He says you should always read labels and do your research into not only a product, but each of its ingredients.

"Research! Read! Read! Don't believe the hype!" Rodney says. "Don't just do something because you heard it works. Do some research."

Supplement Regimen

Upon Waking
Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy 2 servings (2 scoops)

Cellucor Super HD Fat Burner

Cellucor Super HD Fat Burner 1 serving (2 capsules)

With Meals
Cellucor C4

Cellucor C4 1-2 servings (1-2 scoops)


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