Fitness 360: Jaquelyn Kay Kastelic, Powered By Paleo—Supplementation

Of course, cavemen couldn't log in the store, but even the most strict paleo pros need their daily vitamins!

Fitness 360: Jaquelyn Kay Kastelic, Powered By Paleo—Supplementation
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When we eat meals, our bodies strip the foods for every nutrient they need to function. They take what they need, store some, and dispose of the rest. But even the most wholesome eaters may find a time when cover everything.

That's where supplementation comes into play. You won't see Jaquelyn Kastelic getting jacked on pre-workouts every day, but she will supplement as needed. That's the key: taking what she needs to stay healthy and happy. Kastelic avoids supplements that compromise her personal paleo values.

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Jaquelyn's Supplementation Philosophy

When it comes to supplementation, Jaquelyn believes that less is more and natural is essential. When she reaches for supplements, she first looks at the ingredient list. Front labels say one thing, but the back may reveal a tyrannosaur in the tables.

Really, she doesn't take a lot of supplements, just a post-workout shake, the Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Mint, and her morning supplements (fish oil, vitamin D3 and calcium). She will take a pre-workout energy drink, but because they contain artificial sweeteners she only takes them a few times per week.

"If I feel like I am training extra hard or maybe when I am adding those extra strength training days, I will take ZMA at night, because I really like it as far as recovery goes," Kastelic says. "I sleep a lot better when I take ZMA. My schedule is crazy, so sleep is really important for me, but I notice that when I take ZMA, I'm not as sore."

A lot of people constantly mix up their stacks, but if you're like Jaquelyn and you don't take many supplements, then cycling isn't a concern. For the most part, she just takes AmiN.O. Energy before a WOD.

"I don't change anything up," Kastelic says. "Years ago, I used to take a fat burner before competitions, but within the last few years I realized that I just like drinking coffee for that. I took fat burners out of my diet completely. I stay the same. I stay consistent."

She recommends a multivitamin because most people don't eat enough fruits or vegetables. If you do really want to use a pre-workout supplement, she recommends minimal consumption, in dosage and ingredients. "You don't want to go crazy with that stuff," Kastelic says.

Other than the basic vitamins and the occasion pre-workout, her supplement stack is basically a protein shake after a workout. That's a paleo prerogative.

Jaquelyn's Supplementation Stack

"I don't take a lot of supplements; just the basics. I like to get what I need through eating good meals. I am a sponsored athlete with Optimum Nutrition and have been since 2007. Their products are tried and true. Optimum has the number one-selling protein in America. Their products are tested and approved for what they actually claim. That's why I love them and am honored to be a part of their team."

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That's it for Jaquelyn's supplementation. If you have any questions, go ahead and find her on BodySpace. If you want to follow her full program, including her nutritional and training regimens, you can find it on her Fitness 360 main page. For more content and videos just like this, keep coming back to

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