Fitness 360: Jaquelyn Kastelic, Powered By Paleo—Nutrition

Nutrition is complicated by ingredients. The cleaner your food, the better your body can digest it. Is paleo your path?

Fitness 360: Jaquelyn Kastelic, Powered By Paleo—Nutrition
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You may already be walking with one foot on the paleo path. Hop in with both feet, and perhaps you'll understand why so many people are engaged in clean eating. Processed food doesn't digest well, so why eat it? Paleo principles once sounded like niche morality, but as society matures, people are eager to reach back to their wholesome roots.

Jaquelyn Kastelic lives the life of a modern-day lifter. She runs a CrossFit box and abides by paleo principles 90 percent of the time. Even she breaks the rules, because seriously, Mexican food is so damn delicious. Learn her rules and maybe something about paleo, and you may discover that you're already part of the way there.

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Jaquelyn's Nutrition Philosophy

Jaquelyn follows a grain-free, dairy-free diet. "I'm 90 percent paleo, because to be 100 percent paleo you can't have anything artificial, and I take protein powders and whey proteins that have artificial sweeteners," Kastelic says. "In all my meals, I plan a protein, a carb, and a fat. I eat lean meats like chicken and fish and a lot of eggs, which are so quick and so easy. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and a lot of nuts and avocados—healthy fats."

Dairy is a gray area. She will eat raw cheeses and drink raw milk. One of her clients delivers fresh goat milk from a local farm. She will sometimes drink regular milk from the market, but only because her husband buys it and even then it's organic whole milk for her coffee. NBD.

"When I go to the grocery store, I try to find anything that is hormone-free," Kastelic says. "I like to go with grass-fed if it's not ridiculously expensive. I get everything fresh. I love fresh fruits and vegetables. However, that stuff goes bad fast, so I still eat a lot of frozen vegetables."

She usually eats 4-5 meals per day, about every three hours, but sometimes it drops to 2-2.5 hours when hunger strikes!

Jaquelyn and her husband eat a cheat meal together at least one time per week, a big paleo no-no. "We both love pizza and we both love Mexican food," Kastelic says. "We'll have that, usually on a Friday or Saturday night. If I'm trying to get ready for a show, an expo, or a shoot, I cut the cheat meal out. I won't have anything that isn't paleo; no Mexican food and no pizza."

Jaquelyn's Nutrition Regimen

Eat real food. Eat nothing boxed, processed or that you cannot pronounce. The fewer the ingredients, the better. Less is more.

Meal 1: 7 a.m.

eggs 3


apple 1

almond butter

almond butter 2-3 tsp

Meal 2: 10 a.m.

eggs 3


bacon 1 piece


squash 1/5 cup

meal 3

chicken 3 oz

green beans

green beans 3 cups

Meal 4: 4:30 p.m. (Post Workout)
meal 5

shiraki noodles 3/4 cup

tomato sauce

tomato sauce 1/2 cup


ground beef 3 oz


zucchini 2 cups grilled

That's it for Jaquelyn's nutrition. If you have any questions, go ahead and find her on BodySpace. If you want to follow her full program, including her training and supplemental regimens, you can find it on her Fitness 360 main page. For more content and videos just like this, keep coming back to

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