Fitness 360: James Grage, Supplementation Program

Over the past 20 years, James Grage has perfected the art of supplementation. He trains hard, eats smart, and uses supplements to strike a perfect balance.

Fitness 360: James Grage, Supplementation Program
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When it comes to supplements, there's no one-size-fits-all program. Just ask James Grage. His supplementation has changed throughout his fitness career based on his goals.

But, whether he was seeking muscle with the help of a natural test booster or looking to diet with a fat burner, one thing has always remained constant: It all comes down to quality.

James Grage Fitness 360
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People should always do their homework before delving into the world of supplements. Proper research is the key. "Just don't take someone's word for it," James says. "You're going to get a lot of different opinions. The guy at the supplement store is going to say one thing; maybe the guy at the gym is going to say something else. Inform yourself first."

While word of mouth can be a great starting point, never rely on it, especially when there's no need. "With the Internet, you've got everything you want to know about supplements at your disposal," James says. A clear objective is essential to success. "Go back to your goal and figure out what supplements you need to help you achieve it."

James sticks to the basics. For the past 20 years, he's taken branched chain amino acids, supplemented a few meals per day with protein shakes, and taken creatine post-workout, but that doesn't mean he hasn't branched out. For James, there's no single standard stack. He'll always take his core supplements, but he tailors the rest to how he's feeling on a particular day.

"There are some days where I'm dragging and tired and need that little extra push, so I'll take a pre-workout," he says. "Or maybe I'll just take a fat burner 30 minutes before my workout to give me that little energy kick. So I take them every day? No, not every day. I take them on the days that I need them."

It always depends on his main goal. "Sometimes I'm just in maintenance mode, other times I'm really trying to hone-in and fine-tune my body," James says. But, whether he's looking to gain mass or cut, quality is key. "I'm particular with what I put in my body," he says. "I want to make sure the quality is there, the purity is there, and it's the best of the best."

Still, James warns that supplements aren't panaceas. You can't just sit back and expect a few scoops of protein powder and a handful of pills to do all the work. "It's never one thing," explains James. "It's always the combination of things. It's the synergy between the fitness, the nutrition, and the supplementation—all three work together."

James Grage's Supp Stack

This is James' maintenance stack, aside from the B4, which he adds when he's looking to tighten up. Each supplement serves a specific purpose and ties into James' physique goals.

Together, they're designed to bolster strength and muscle size, promote recovery and endurance, encourage fat burning, and promote anabolic activity.

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James Grage Fitness 360