Body Transformation: The Mom With The Dragon Tattoos

Bryn’s battle against weight gain and depression has had its ups and downs. Now that she’s dropped her pregnancy weight, she’s primed to pursue her fitness goals!

Vital Stats

Name: Bryn Kosack
Bodyspace: dragonbryn

Bryn Kosack Bryn Kosack


178 lbs
Body Fat:


119 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

Sometimes, when I look at my numerous "before" photos over the years I think that if it wasn't for the dragon tattoos I might not believe it was really me (and you might not believe it either). For me, the number one factor to success is having the proper mindset. I learned many years ago that your thoughts will create your reality. I have seen this in both a positive and negative outcome.

I spent my twenties and early thirties feeling depressed, lonely, and in relationships with men who did not appreciate me, nor lift me. Low self-esteem was a constant reminder that my life was not as I wish it to be. I had this notion that I was merely a victim of circumstance. That all of these bad things were done to me, that I had no control, that was life was pre-determined by some unseen force.

The day my life did a complete turnaround was the day that I decided that I would never settle for anything or anyone that I didn't want, desire or deserve. So, within a blink of an eye, instead of going nowhere slowly, I was determined to live my dreams and change everything about the way I lived my life, immediately.

The past 6 years have been, for the most part, wonderful. I found my husband, Dave, we got married in 2007 and we now have 2 beautiful, sweet, loving children. When my husband and I met, we were both working out regularly. I wasn't in perfect shape, but I was on my way.

When I got pregnant with my first child my weight skyrocketed up to 178 lbs. I had a really difficult time looking in the mirror after my daughter was born. I sunk into a depression for many months. It took me about 6 months to get on a treadmill and to gain control back of my emotions and body. The depression lifted and I was feeling great about myself. My son was born 17 months after my daughter and for this pregnancy my weight went up to 165 lbs.

I went through the same depression; however, it didn't take 6 months this time to get my body back. I looked ok, but I was a "skinny fat" person. I had flabby arms, and lots of fat on my arms, belly, thighs and back. I wasn't satisfied. So, in May of 2011 I decided I deserved a "new body" and a "new mindset".

How I Did It

In May of 2011, my husband Dave found a 98 day fitness challenge to compete in and that was the beginning of a higher quality of life for me. I decided I was not merely going to follow through with it, but I was going to win. I have never felt like I was the best at anything, school, sports, etc.

This was my chance to prove to myself that I can completely change my mindset and body in a short amount of time. I placed as a Top 10 finalist in that challenge competing against 1700 others. Since then, I have been consistent with my workouts, nutrition and proper mindset. The feeling that I have when I look in the mirror is PRICELESS!

My goal is to compete professionally, to be on the cover of a fitness magazine in 2012, but MOST important of all; is to be able to inspire people all over the planet that as long as they have determination, clarity and focus that they can and will reach their goals!

Pythons weren't enough for Bryn. She built dragons instead.

Suggestions for Others

I believe that the proper mindset is THE most important factor when it comes to success with anything that you do or desire in life. Next would be goal setting, in written form and re-evaluated on a daily basis, and visualization.

Here are a few of my current goals and visualizations:

    • I am in the very best shape of my life mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually!

    • I am grateful for my loving, supportive, awesome family!

    • I am so grateful that I inspire people all over the world!

    • I am beautiful, one of a kind, a "masterpiece"!

    • I feel empowered, strong, motivated, focused, determined, beautiful and sexy!

    • I am so happy and grateful now that it is April 30th, 2012 and I am a size 0, I weigh 108 Lbs and I am 9% body fat!

    • I love the way I look in my bikini, my arms are ripped, my legs are toned and lean!

    • My legs and butt look fantastic in shorts!

    • My bras fit perfectly and look great in a white tee shirt (back fat is GONE)!

    • People ask me every day how I got into such phenomenal shape. Women say "I wish I had your determination and will power"!

    • I fit perfectly into a size 0 black, tight, short cocktail dress that shows how much I appreciate my lean, fit, strong body!

    • I eat 6 meals per day with perfect, proper ratios of lean protein, carbs and fat, always on time and at 3 hour intervals!

    • I stay well-hydrated and purify my body by drinking a gallon of water every day!

    • I am celebrating Valentine's Day with clearly visible abs!

    • I thoroughly enjoy my 3 treat meals per week. It's more than enough to satisfy my taste buds!

    • I love my workouts that I do every day. I feel amazing, refreshed and energized for the day!

    • I feel fantastic when both men and women turn their heads when I walk by!

    • I feel abundant and stronger than ever!

    • I feel as though every component in my life is amazing!

    • I feel super cool and hip!

    • I ignore all negative thoughts!

    • I lift heavier than ever and it keeps getting heavier all the time!

    • I am living my "dream" life with my "dream" husband, "dream" children, "dream" body and "dream" mind. (Replace the word "dream" with reality)