Body Transformation: PTA Hotness

Angela turned 30 with some extra cheese around her waist. See how she lost 20 pounds and became the hottest mom in the PTA.

Name: Angela Clough
BodySpace: wickedwayz

Angela Clough Angela Clough
AGE 30
135 lbs
AGE 31
116 lbs

Why I Got Started

As a 30-year-old wife and mother of 3 (including twins), I really started disliking the way I felt and looked. I have always worked out and ate kind of OK but definitely not clean. I had been on BodySpace for a while and used motivation from Ava Cowan and Jamie Eason to keep me in the gym.

I felt I had hit a plateau, when in reality it was mostly related to my diet. I DID NOT want to be a typical frumpy middle-aged housewife and wanted to prove that I still had some gas in the tank. I wanted to show my kids I could do it, and also wanted to be the 'hot mom' at the school PTA!

I then made the decision I would add "stepping on stage at a fitness competition" to my bucket list - hell or high water.

How I Did It

I dialed in my diet and kept track of everything I ate and did in the gym. With help of my trainer I managed to set a routine that fit for my 'mom-on-the-go' hectic schedule. I didn't have time but I MADE time.

It was difficult and at times tested mine (and the family's) resolve - but we all agreed to keep the finish line in sight. I signed up for Total Body Results beach boot camps and after a few weeks was helping lead the class!

By June 2011 I competed in my first NPC show ever and place 6th in the Tim Gardner Extravaganza in Tampa, FL.

Angela added competing to her bucket list - hell or high water. This is the high water, apparently.

Suggestions For Others

  • Write down everything you eat - it holds you accountable and is good to see in black and white.
  • Write down what you do in the gym and make steady progress - even if gradual…an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill or an extra pound or two lifted - gradual resistance all adds up.
  • Surround yourself with visual reinforcement - physiques you wish to emulate. Rip them out of magazines and hang them up some place you frequent often. My bathroom mirror is covered with Ava Cowan and Jaime Eason!
  • Once you make it known to your friends and loved ones that you intend to make changes, you'll get a lot of feedback - both positive and negative. Be careful of whose advice you take.
  • If you watch TV - you have time to work out.
  • Have a cheat meal once in a while. Don't use it as a means to spiral out of control diet-wise but it will keep you sane!