Body Transformation: Natural-Born Instructor

Jessica left the military because of recurring seizures. After moving states, giving birth and burning the baby fat, her only recurrence is in her training regimen!

Name: Jessica Summerall
BodySpace: aboutfacefit

Jessica Summerall Jessica Summerall
AGE 23
190 lbs
AGE 26
125 lbs

Why I Got Started

I have loved fitness since I took my first aerobics and weight training class in high school. I had a teacher who really liked the way I lead classes and encouraged me to start teaching. My junior year I started teaching aerobics classes at a local gym. After I graduated I went into the military.

I worked in the Health and Wellness Center doing body composition assessments, nutrition training, and teaching classes. I was medically discharged from the military because I started having seizures. I moved to Florida, got married, bought a house, and then got pregnant a year later.

It was a difficult transition and happened very fast. I totally let myself go, especially during pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I stopped weighing once I reached 200 pounds. I felt horrible, I had no confidence, and I vowed that as soon as I had my son I was going to get healthy and stay that way. I was determined.

The power potential inside her just needed to be released!

How I Did It

After my son was born my husband was deployed. I went to Washington to stay with my parents. I joined a gym and started working out. I had that "I know everything" mentality so I didn't hire a trainer.

After a little while I caved and decided it couldn't hurt. I hired an amazing trainer who pushed me and encouraged me to also become a trainer. I had always wanted to be a trainer and I'll never forget her encouraging words telling me to do it.

I went home that night and bought the study materials. I had lost all my baby weight but I wasn't satisfied. I went home and shocked my husband with the new me.

Eventually I started teaching mommy-and-me classes in the park, training in people's homes, and training at the YMCA. During this time I took up running.

I was never a good runner but it was something I wanted to conquer. I trained diligently and it wasn't long before I ran my first 5K. I was hooked. I loved the environment of races and the thrill.

I did several more races and decided I needed more of a challenge. This is when I trained for my first ½ marathon. I had great running partners to keep me accountable. I ran my first half marathon and said I would never do it again. A month or so later I was presented with the chance to help raise money for The Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy for one of my client's sons.

I decided to do the Goofy. This was a ½ marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday in Disney. I completed it with one of my very good friends. It was an amazing experience! After that I needed a new goal. I was getting burnt out on running.

I always wanted to do a figure competition but I never thought I could, especially after having my son and all the stretch marks I had. I found an awesome company to help coach me and was surprised to find out that the tan is so dark you don't even see stretch marks on stage.

I competed in both figure and bikini. I won 1st place in figure and 5th in bikini. It was also an incredible experience.

Since then I have been running my personal training business and pursuing fitness modeling! The ticket for me was to watch my nutrition and make HUGE goals. If it wasn't big and it didn't terrify me, I wouldn't stick to it.

Suggestions For Others

  • Be very careful to avoid overtraining. People are roaring to go when they start a new program and many times they start off doing way too much and burn out or they injure themselves.
  • Don't be so hard on yourself. Take everything on day at a time, shoot, even one hour at a time. Remember where you started and how far you've come.
  • Don't forget how you felt when you were miserable, lacking confidence, and dying for a change. Don't forget how excited you were to get your health back. Remember when an exercise kicks your butt. If you hit a road block or have to go through a tough time, remember it. When you remember these things it will stop you from going back to that place. Let those hard times motivate you and inspire you to push forward.
  • Set BIG goals. You will never accomplish anything in life if you don't try to tackle things that scare you.
  • Be accountable. When I told the world I was going to compete that solidified it. Post pictures, share your success, and DON'T pull away from the people who are holding you accountable when you go through a struggle. Reach out.
  • Celebrate your victories - I don't care if its one pound, a pants size, a lower cholesterol reading, or an extra push up. Take the time to celebrate it instead of being so focused on what's next.