Body Transformation: From Rock Bottom To Rock Solid!

Lizzy jumped off a cooler to dunk on a six-foot basketball hoop and ripped the rim off the backboard. She crashed hard, realized her body was a problem, and did something about it!

Name: Liz B
BodySpace: Cheezziitt

Liz B Liz B
AGE 28
135 lbs
AGE 30
127 lbs

Why I Decided to Transform

As we move forward in life, careers, and family, we tend to neglect what matters most: our bodies. In my mid 20s, I gained momentum, bought a house, enjoyed a flourishing career, had awesome friends, and attended many social parties. But I was ignorant to the effect it had on my body.

My "rock bottom" funny story happened in 2010 at my birthday party. It was a fun summer party with beer pong. My friends and I enjoyed the social aspect of drinking. I vividly remember this particular birthday started with me dreading what clothes I was going to wear for the first time. I couldn't wear a cute sun dress or hot shorts, so I threw on cozy stretched-out jeans on an 80-degree day in July and a baggy tank top. I had 140 or more pounds on my tiny frame that summer. The fat slowly added up each year.

Despite my insecurities, I had a blast that day. Drinking comes with silliness and wild and funny events, which led to my eye-opener. Toward the end of the evening, we started to play drunken basketball. The hoop was about six feet off the ground attached to my garage. Unlike my friends, I struggled to dunk the ball and was frustrated, so I pulled up the cooler and used it as leverage.

In the midst of all the fun, I showed off my non-existent ball skills and snapped the rim off the backboard. I slammed to the ground and laid there, half laughing, half crying in embarrassment. It didn't register that night, but I hit rock bottom. This is when I knew I was headed in the wrong direction.

How I Accomplished My Goals

Despite my small frame and stature, I remember having determination to keep up with the neighborhood kids no matter what (I have countless scars to prove it). In junior high, I realized I carried more muscle than most girls. My friends thought it was entertaining when I arm-wrestled boys, but for me it wasn't until I actually won a few times.

I continued to be fit and active through high school by playing soccer, tennis, and running track. Being active and fit came easy back then. I never had to worry about what I ate and had no idea how fortunate I was at the time.

I continued to be active through college with intramural leagues and weekly trips to the university gym, but I continued to eat mindlessly; greasy dorm food, ramen noodles, and Cheez-Its. I didn't realize I was slowly gaining weight. I avoided the "freshmen 15," but once I graduated college and real life began, the pounds started tacking on.

Despite eating healthier as a working professional, it took about 10 years after high school to gain 15-plus pounds. At age 28, I weighed the most ever, but I was completely clueless. I thought I did everything right. I went to the gym and thought I watched what I ate, but the true sign I ignored was that my clothes didn't fit the same.

My boyfriend and I decided to make a change together because we weren't happy with how we looked or felt. We signed up for the BSN Elite Physique 12-Week Transformation Challenge on more than a year ago and found Jamie Eason's 12-Week LiveFit Trainer. I started eating and training according to the program, experienced huge success, and won the grand prize for top female transformation! This ignited my healthy lifestyle and encouraged me to compete that same year. I placed third and fourth at my first two shows.

During the past year, I continued to research and gain more insight about my body and tweaked my diet and workouts to gain more muscle. I started working with IFBB pro Casie Shepherd and John Schlecht in November to gain muscle and lean out for my upcoming spring shows. Her program is amazing and my body responded tremendously. I plan to shift from figure and compete in women's physique.

What Aspect Challenged Me the Most

My personal experience with my bilateral hip dysplasia challenged me in many ways. It's a condition I continue to overcome every day. My diagnosis was acetabular dysplasia; the acetabulum (hip socket) is too shallow to receive my femur correctly. The center-edge angle (what is called the "angle of Wiberg") isn't a normal angle.

I found out at age 25 that this is a genetic condition that I have to live with forever. I recall minor discomfort in junior high when I started sports, but it wasn't until my mid-20s that I started to notice the pain and constraints. I felt sharp pain and locking sensations in both hips around my groin area, which became more and more acute and frequent as time went on. When it started to restrain everyday tasks, I knew something needed to be done.

To prevent hip replacement surgery, the doctors said I needed to get active and transform my lifestyle. My active weightlifting lifestyle is one reason my pain is manageable. I aimed to strengthen the muscles around my hips to help balance and regulate movement. I can feel my stronger muscles cushion my joints. I don't feel like my joints take a pounding anymore.

My Future Fitness Plans

I want to continue to show females that it's possible to be sexy and gain muscle. I want to be a leader who demonstrates that dedication, hard work, and passion provide you amazing results. I strive for balance with a positive attitude and enthusiasm in all aspects of life.

I learned that good health, muscles, and smiles are contagious. I'm on a mission to spread the fitness bug through my blogs, video logs, and hopefully a partnered sponsorship.

Suggestions for Aspiring Transformers

Fitness is a journey, and like any journey, it requires time, persistence, and patience. I worked hard the last few years and dealt with obstacles, excuses, and dead ends, but I didn't let them stop me. You must strive for improvement that germinated from the first day you decided to change your lifestyle.

How Helped Me Reach My Goals demonstrates how change can be simple. With the right tools and attitude, it's within everyone's grasp. Eat and drink clean, sleep often, lift heavy, and have fun. More importantly, join BodySpace and enlist in fitness groups and forums with the same goals. Find a gym buddy, personal trainer or nutritionist, and inspiring friends with similar interests. Having a resource for advice and encouragement is priceless. BodySpace surrounds me with supportive and positive people every day.


I'd like to say thank you to my current coaches, Casie Shepherd and John Schlecht. They created my amazing program to prepare me for competitions. Thank you to Jared Lee, my photographer. He has an amazing eye and captured some awesome photos of me. Thanks to my boyfriend, Michael. I couldn't have gotten where I am now without his inspiration, support, and encouragement.

Competition History
  • 2013 MN NPC Gopher State Bodybuilding Competition - 3rd Place Women's Physique Figure
  • 2013 Fargo NPC Upper Midwest Bodybuilding Competition - 3rd Place Amateur Women's Physique
  • 2012 GREAT NORTH CHAMPIONSHIPS - 4th Place Amateur Figure
  • 2012 MN NPC Gopher State Bodybuilding Competition - 3rd Place Amateur Figure
  • 2011 BSN and National Transformation Contest Elite Physique Winner
  • 2011 Lifetime Fitness National Alpha Showdown (Crossfit) - 24 out of 100+
  • Sponsored Athlete for True Fitness Clothing and Hard Body Bronze
  • 2011 BSN and National Transformation Contest Elite Physique Winner
Photo Credit
  • Jackson Faith Photography
Liz's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Midnight City" by M83
  2. "The Fragile" by Nine Inch Nails
  3. "With Teeth" by Nine Inch Nails
  4. "You Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix)" by Florence + The Machine
  5. "Levels" by Avicii