Body Transformation: Christina Crocco Crushed Goals And Body Fat!

Unhealthy habits replaced physical activity when Christina quit college soccer. See how this natural athlete found her grove and competed in figure after losing 19 percent body fat!

Why I Decided to transform

My fitness journey reflects my life and where it took me. When I was young, I played soccer year round. When high school came, I was a multi-sport athlete.

I entered college in 2007 and decided to continue my soccer career, which took up the majority of my free time. Physical activity was one of the largest parts of my life. In 2008, my life took a turn when I transferred schools and quit soccer. This introduced me to the other side of college that included drinking, parties, binge eating, late nights, and self-destructive behavior.

Change came again in November 2012 for the better. At 5-foot-2, I weighed 160 pounds and saw where my life choices lead me. Without hesitation, I decided to make a change. I had no idea about nutrition. Due to my constant activity in high school, I had no need to understand healthy nutrition.

With age, inactivity, and my Italian carb-loading roots, the importance of nutrition finally surfaced.

Before /// 160 lbs
After /// 110 lbs
AGE 24 / HEIGHT 5'2" / BODY FAT 29%
AGE 24 / HEIGHT 5'2" / BODY FAT 10%

How I accomplished my goals

It didn't take long to put my words into actions. Learning to maintenance my diet was the first step, so I slowly quit eating fried food and abandoned alcohol. I started at-home workout tapes, which led me to purchase three-pound dumbbells.

When the changes started to show, I hit my stride and found I stumbled onto Jaime Eason's 12 Week-LiveFit Trainer in February 2013 and my life was changed for good. I linked the workout to my phone, joined a gym, and completed the plan. I awoke something inside me. I saw many great results and my body responded so well to the workouts that I wanted to apply what learned to new endeavors.

I quickly found a coach who created a workout and nutrition plan for me. Next, we discussed what show and class I should compete in. This was exciting and I didn't know what to expect, but I trusted that my coach would lead me. I followed every instruction my coach gave me and we agreed that I was suitable for figure competitions due to my body type. I chose to compete at the Jason Arntz Muscle Beach show.

I was hooked after one show and signed up to compete again two weeks later, which qualified me for nationals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at The North Americans in August 2013. I decided to take fitness a step further and am working to become a certified personal trainer so I can inspire and help others.

What aspect challenged me the most

"I want to motivate others to achieve their goals and live a healthy lifestyle."

Not going out with my friends at night was a struggle. Every gathering is based upon eating and drinking. It got hard watching them eat and drink whatever they wanted as I struggled to find something I could have. It was hard, but it made me stronger.

My future fitness plans

I hope to get my pro card and achieve my dream of being a pro figure competitor. I'm currently working to become a personal trainer. I want to motivate others to achieve their goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

I came up with lots of healthy recipes after prepping for competition. I hope to eventually put them together into a book.

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

  • Stop thinking about how hard it's going to be.
  • Follow motivating individuals on social media.
  • Make goals for yourself that give you something to work toward.
  • It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.
  • Cheat meals are okay if done in moderation.
  • Eat clean, train dirty!

How helped me reach my goals introduced me to Jamie Eason's 12-Week Trainer, which was the stepping stone to the start of my bodybuilding career.

Christina's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Replay" by Zendaya
  2. "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus
  3. "Berzerk" by Eminem
  4. "Started From The Bottom" by Drake
  5. "Crooked Smile" by J. Cole


  • Trainer: Pete Floris
  • Workout Partner: Jennifer Powers
  • Photos: Rich Olson