8 Quick and Simple Changes To Ramp Up Your Fat Loss!

How long is it going to take to get to my goal weight? A question asked by many... Use the following 8 quick and simple tips to ramp up your fat loss.

The question that's on every dieter's mind when they begin their program is, 'how long is it going to take to get to my goal weight'. Most people do not especially enjoy the process of dieting to lose weight and even though you must make sure you are making lifestyle choices once the diet is finished to maintain the weight loss, once that weight is off your body it is easier to be in maintenance.

Because of this, any time a dieter hears that there's something they can do to speed up the process they are usually quite interested in hearing about it—and for good reason.

While there will always be a safe limit for how quickly you should aim to lose weight (as losing weight too quickly indicates muscle mass loss or just a decrease in water weight), there are definitely a few things you can do to ramp up your fat loss.

1. Munch On An Apple Mid-Morning

Many people have a great fear of fruit while on their fat loss diet, which is a very incorrect assumption. As long as you stay within your total calorie intake for the day, fruit can have very positive effects on weight loss.

An interesting study published in the Appetite journal noted that when a group of forty-nine women were instructed to either add three apples to their daily diet or three oat cookies for a ten week period (both foods contributing the total amount of calories) the women who were eating the apples showed a greater weight reduction at the end of the study period.

Fruit Can Have Very Positive Effects On Weight Loss.
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Fruit Can Have Very Positive
Effects On Weight Loss.

The high fiber fruit tends to blunt hunger levels and reduce your chances of eating more later on in the day. So rather than taking an oatmeal cereal bar to work to get you through the morning, have an apple instead.

2. Pick Up The Pace On Your Walk

Most people think running is the best form of cardiovascular exercise for weight loss and while it definitely is a great calorie burner, not all people feel comfortable running or are physically at the fitness level that allows them to run.

To remedy this situation, try going on a walk/jog. With this, you would pick up the pace to a light jog while out on your walk, going for as long as you can before fatiguing. Once you have to stop, continue on with your usual walk until you're ready to try another round of jogging.

It's an excellent way to ease into full-fledged jogging and you'll really boost your calorie burn. Plus, even if it's just 30 seconds of jogging added in, you're still making progress towards the goal of jogging for twenty to thirty minutes straight.

3. Place Your Goals In Places You Typically Stress Out

Are you a victim of stress eating? If so, you're not alone. Eating when stressed out or anxious is something many people do and what hinders a lot of dieter's otherwise well-meaning efforts.

To help solve this issue, determine where it is you are normally stressed out (at home, in the office, etc) and place something to remind you of your goal there.

It could be a picture of the body you're trying to obtain, the goal written out on a sticky-note, or even a sentence or quote that inspires you to keep pushing towards your goal. Having that goal in the back of your mind will help prevent you from stress eating.

4. Make Your Work Fitness Friendly

A number of dieters take advantage of lunchtime workouts to help them reach their goals. If this is not possible for you for whatever reason (there is no gym nearby or your lunch hour is only 30 minutes), don't let that hinder you from being active.

Make your work environment fitness friendly by stashing a pair of running shoes and a quick change of lose fitting clothes.

Rather than choosing to dine in for your lunch break, put on the running shoes and walk out of the office to a nearby restaurant or coffee shop (if you want to eat your own prepared lunch and just enjoy a beverage).

Not only will this extra bit of exercise add up over time, but the fresh air will help clear your mind and enable you to focus better at work.

You'll find you'll be much more likely to walk a further distance to eat if you have a comfortable pair of shoes on as opposed to your work shoes.

5. Read Restaurant Menu's Online

One of the biggest reasons why so many people are overweight today are because they are constantly eating restaurant meals that are way over the standard portion size and are laden with fat and calories .

Anytime you plan on going out to eat, check online to see if your dining choice has a website. Very often they will post the nutritional stats of their menus and knowing this beforehand can seriously sway your meal decision.

It can be absolutely shocking how high in calories some seemingly 'light' choices can be, so don't be so quick to make your decision. Get the facts first.

6. Find A Workout Partner

One of the best ways to up your ability to stick with a workout program is to workout with a partner. When people have more social support helping them work towards their goal, they are much more likely to hold themselves accountable.

If you have a workout partner that you regularly meet in the gym, you will transform your workouts into socialization opportunities as well, which most people naturally look forward to.

One Of The Best Ways To Up Your Ability To Stick With A Workout Program Is To Workout With A Partner.
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One Of The Best Ways To Up Your Ability To Stick With
A Workout Program Is To Workout With A Partner.

Choosing an appropriate workout partner will be critical for success, but as long as you do that you're far better off than going at it alone.

If you can't find a workout partner, don't underestimate the benefits of turning online. Create a BodySpace account and connect with others who are trying to reach very similar goals as yourself.

7. Use A Food Log

If you've been exercising regularly and feel as though you should be losing weight but aren't, it's time to start keeping a food log.

Often people will underestimate just how many calories they are really taking in and this can seriously influence their results.

To really get a complete picture on your weight loss efforts, be sure you write down what you ate, how much you ate, the time you ate, and your hunger level. This will give you all the information you need to look back and see where you might be going wrong.

8. Select A New Workout Program

Finally, the last thing you can do to speed up your results is shift over to a new workout program. Even if you are seeing decent results on your current program, if you've been on it for longer than three months, it's highly likely that your body is showing some signs of adaptation and you could get even better results if you changed something up.

Don't ever let your body get too comfortable in any program. When it gets comfortable, that's when your results stop. Change it up to maximize your success rate.


So keep these simple, yet very effective tips in mind. By always keeping your goal consciously in the back of your mind and seeking out little things you can do to boost results, you'll find weight loss is not nearly as hard as you imagined.


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