A busy schedule and bustling career don't have to mean that your diet follows the whims of your agenda! Bodybuilding.com's vice president of marketing, Kandace Hudspeth, knows from her days as a fitness competitor that food is crucial to performing in the gym, and she puts those lessons into action during the workweek.

Wonder how she stays on track while balancing such a busy schedule? Take a peek into the fridge of this VP to see what fuels her week!

Kombucha seems to be really popular lately. What do you love about it, and what do you look for in a bottle?

I drink a ton of water throughout the day, but it's nice to have something bubbly to make things a little more interesting. Kombucha is a great option to reach for, because it's credited with helping aid detoxification, digestion, and immune support while promoting energy.

However, many kombucha products are high in sugar, with some containing over 10-15 grams. I look for products that are the low in calories and sugar, with usually only 2-4 grams per serving.

You mention that you actually start your day with supplements rather than food. Why is that?

Fresh out of bed, I feed my dog Miley and mix my morning blend. I also take a greens supplement twice a day. Knowing that the first thing I put in my body is good-for-you, plant-based energy makes me feel ready to take on the day!

Why do you opt for egg whites over whole eggs?

I try to consume at least 20 grams of protein with each meal. I usually eat one or two of the yokes for some fat and then bulk up the protein content with egg whites. Hard-boiled eggs are another easy on-the-go source of protein.

Justin's Hazelnut butter out of the jar? Now, that I like! What recommendations do you have for integrating calorie-rich products like this into your diet?

I love chocolate anything! Chocolate nut butters are such a treat. Unless you have specific dietary restrictions, I recommend giving yourself the freedom to enjoy a few treats now and then. If you're going to stick to healthy eating for the long haul, it's important to find alternatives you can enjoy regularly.

Find the foods that work for you—the ones that energize you, that digest well, and that you actually like eating.

Tell me more about the hair, skin, and nail supplements you've been testing out.

I focus a lot on anti-aging nutrition and supplementation now that I'm in my mid-30s. Maintaining firm, youthful, and radiant skin, shiny full hair, and strong nails is more of a priority now than when I was younger. I supplement with products that contain collagen, keratin, biotin, and hyaluronic acid.

Do you ever do cheat meals?

If I'm craving something in particular, I'll work it into my day or week. I try not to overly restrict myself. My training goals are performance-focused, so I have some freedom when it comes to my diet. Still, I believe our bodies crave what we give them most, so I primarily give my body healthy foods.

I'm pretty disciplined during the week, when my meals act more as fuel for training and office productivity, but on the weekend, I enjoy meals out with friends (primarily sushi) or get creative in the kitchen. Hello, protein blondies.

You do a lot of planning and food prep. What do you suggest for people who travel often?

Being prepared is key. When I travel, I bring pre-portioned servings of protein, nuts, jerky, or other healthy snacks that store well without refrigeration. When I arrive at my destination, I stop at the local market to pick out a few things. These are usually high-protein, pre-prepped items such as hard-boiled eggs and rotisserie chicken.

If I find myself in a restaurant, I often place a custom order and request that my meal be free of dressing, sauces, butters, or oils. A plain grilled chicken breast over a bed of greens with vinaigrette on the side is always a safe order.

If I can pick the restaurant, we're headed to sushi, and I'll typically load up on sashimi!

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