Not that long ago, saying the word "ketosis" in conversation was only going to get you puzzled stares, or at most, some confusion with ketoacidosis, a potentially fatal condition for certain diabetics. But keto's days of obscurity are definitely numbered, as high-fat, extremely low-carb diets have become hot topic for discussion in both medical and athletic settings. EAS even has a ketogenic meal-replacement product available.

Still, there's no escaping that the ketogenic approach goes against everything many of us were taught constitutes "healthy" nutrition. Forget "low fat"; now it's making up 75 percent of your calories! Afraid of sodium? Sorry, extra amounts are pretty much required, especially during the first few weeks. Even among low-carb diets, the ketogenic dieting stands out for its demand of a switch of mindset from "avoid carbs" to simply "get enough fat," says EAS Myoplex Athlete and ketogenic diet adherent Jason Wittrock.

If you've found yourself curious about the immense claims for health, performance, and mental clarity that the keto-crowd make, then this forum is for you. Set aside an hour, get out the pork rinds, and listen to two experts explain in the ins and outs of nutritional ketosis for athletes!

Meet the experts

Steve Hertzler, PhD, RD

  • Phd, Human Nutrition, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Chief Science Officer, EAS Sports Nutrition
  • Registered dietitian, author on multiple peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters
  • Member of the EAS Academy Advisory Panel
  • Former faculty member at The Ohio State University, Division of Medical Dietetics

Jason Wittrock

  • Personal Trainer
  • EAS Myoplex Athlete
  • Team spokesmodel
  • Ketogenic diet adherent

Expert Panel Table of Contents

Who are Dr. Steve Hertzler and Jason Wittrock, and what are we going to discuss? - 00:10

What is the ketogenic diet? - 1:09

  • The history in a clinical setting
  • The typical ketogenic macros
  • What makes it so popular for fitness?

How does the ketogenic diet work? - 2:20

  • Metabolizing carbs vs. fat and ketones
  • Ketogenic versus high protein, low-carb diets

What are ketones, and why are they important? - 3:10

  • The three types of ketone bodies
  • How your body can use ketones
  • Ketones, glucose, and insulin
  • High carb diets, insulin resistance, and diabetes

Who uses the ketogenic diet aside from athletes? - 6:40

  • Cancer cells and glucose
  • Parkinsons and alzheimers: two new areas of research
  • Metabolic syndrome and mental health medication

Where do I start, and what are the most common beginner errors? - 9:40

  • The most important thing to know
  • Fat phobia: the hardest part at first
  • The staples of Jason's ketogenic diet
  • Carbs vs net carbs
  • "Avoid carbs" versus "get enough fat"

Is tracking macros necessary? - 14:20

  • When tracking can help you troubleshoot problems
  • When you can stop tracking

What can I expect for the first few days? - 15:50

  • "Ketogenic" versus "keto-adapted"
  • The first two weeks are "hell week"
  • Fluids and electrolytes
  • The importance of sodium, potassium, magnesium

Is testing necessary, and how should I do it? - 21:56

  • Pee sticks, blood, and breath testing
  • Which one is the most accurate?

How should I alter my training during keto-induction? - 24:30

  • The effects of adaptation on strength levels
  • HIIT to deplete glycogen and hasten keto-adaptation
  • Supplements to include, others to avoid
  • How to avoid muscle loss when going ketogenic

How is it different when you're finally keto-adapted? - 28:50

  • Energy levels and ketosis
  • The effects on mental clarity, appetite
  • Endurance and ketogenic dieting
  • Periodized ketosis for athletes

Can I add muscle on the ketogenic diet? - 32:20

  • New research into adding lean mass while keto
  • Why keto isn't the optimal diet for adding big-time muscle quickly
  • The importance of blood value testing

How does keto work with everyday life? - 36:00

  • Jason Wittrock's introduction to ketogenic dieting
  • Keto cycling for social outings
  • Keto cycling when fat-loss is the goal
  • Ketosis and fitness modeling
  • The physique effects of ketogenic dieting

What's the right and wrong way to cycle ketogenic dieting? - 43:20

  • The importance of getting keto-adapted first
  • Why monitoring yourself is key
  • A diet versus a lifestyle.
  • Why this diet, like all others, comes down to adherence
  • The beauty of keto-coffee

What is the future of ketogenic research? - 48:10

  • Metabolic syndrome and ketosis
  • Keto for helping athletes make weight and keep muscle
  • Ketogenic dieting, exercise, and weight loss

What's the number one mistake you see, and how would you correct it? - 54:45

  • Fear of losing gains
  • Seriously, get your electrolytes
  • Educate, plan, and monitor

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