Nick Scott Fitness 360: Supplements

Nick Scott knows supplements won’t replace a solid diet, but he uses them to maximize his results. Check out his supplement regimen!

Strength and growth are just as important to your mentality as they are to your muscles. As bodybuilders continue to lift weights in pursuit of their goals, they supplement their diets to maximize their success. Nick Scott is no different. He augments his hardcore nutrition and training with a smart stack.

Nick Scott Fitness 360

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Supplement Stack

Whey Protein
  • whey protein

    Whey Protein

    60 grams as Meal 1 (Pre-contest) / 60g as Meal 1 and 60g as Meal 6

  • bcaa


    5g morning, 5g 45 minutes before workout, 5g post-workout, 5g night

  • CLA


    1 serving morning, 1 serving afternoon, 1 serving night

  • Glutamine


    5g morning, 5g 45 minutes before workout, 5g post-workout, 5g night

  • Creatine


    5g after cardio, 5g middle of training, 5g after training, 5g before bed

  • ZMA


    1 serving before bed

Beginner Tip: For a beginner, I would recommend a protein powder, a multivitamin, and some sort of pre-workout. That way you'll have a more intense workout and you'll feel better about yourself and you'll feel motivated.

Multivitamin Tip: You always want to take it with food, because it absorbs more efficiently in your system than just taking it by itself.

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