From the babyboomers in your 40s and 50s and beyond, this new section of will focus on improving your physique through nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.


Welcome to the newest section of, a weekly feature geared towards you. From the babyboomers in your 40s and 50s and beyond, this new section of will focus on improving your physique through nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.


Whether you need help and advice on losing weight, gaining mass or where to find inspiration, Richard Baldwin, Mr. USA, Mr. America-MW, 1st runner-up Mr. Universe and Diane Fields, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Performance Nutrition and featured Fitness Writer, understand that one size does not fit all, especially as you age.

With some minor modifications, not only can you maintain your present physique as you age, but you can also make improvements with intense resistance training and proper nutrition.

Richard Baldwin & Diane Fields

Richard Baldwin, currently 55, and Diane Fields at 45, team up to show babyboomers and above how to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle through goal setting, maintaining high motivational levels and modifications to nutritional and strength training programs due to aging.

Through a series of articles and a Question and Answer forum, Richard and Diane will help motivate and guide you towards your physique goals. Send your questions to Richard at rbaldwin@MAIL.GC.CC.FL.US or Diane at Be sure to include your name, city and state.

We are looking to see YOUR motivational physiques to serve as examples to others looking to make improvements. Send us your before and after photos and let us know how we were able to help you achieve your goal, so we may feature your physique in an online article. Send photos to

About Richard & Diane

Dr. Richard Baldwin, Mr. USA, Mr. America-MW, 1st runner-up Mr. Universe, personal trainer to Laura Combes, the first Ms. America, was known for his classical physique during his competitive years. Dr. Baldwin wrote countless bodybuilding magazine articles during his winning reign in the 1970s and 1980s.

His image can be seen on many magazine covers as well as in the movie, Staying Hungry. Current projects include authoring a book on Larry Scott and writing for fitness magazines. You may contact Richard via email at rbaldwin@MAIL.GC.CC.FL.US.

Diane Fields, MBA, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, (pending), is a member of Legendary Fitness, LLC, a company geared toward the special exercise and nutritional needs of babyboomers. Ms. Fields is a featured fitness writer and serves as a Contributing Writer for many online websites and fitness magazines. You may contact Diane via email at

Additional articles written by Ms. Fields may be viewed at the following websites,, and,

Check Back Weekly For Updates Info and Questions!

She can be contacted at

Articles :: Sorted By Date


What Bodybuilding Is All About: Bill Pearl And Dave Draper!
The 'Golden Age' as it is being called seems to have done it right. Why is the younger generation still looking back to those bodybuilders long since retired? More on that right here...
Section: Contests :: Jun 22, 2006

A Report On The 2005 NPC Florida State Open!
We recently had the privilege to cover the 2005 NPC Florida State Open and Masters Bodybuilding and Figure Championships at the Marina Civic Center in Panama City, Florida. See how the contestants did!
Section: Contests :: Nov 07, 2005

A Baby Boomer's Journey To The Fountain Of Youth!
You have to read it to believe it. Margaret Smith has made an amazing transformation and shares her story below. And now that she is in shape she wants more... get more right here!
Section: Training :: Sep 27, 2005

More Secrets To Motivation: Training Through Injury.
Recovering from such a bad injury can take a very long time and requires a great deal of motivation. See the steps that Richard has had to go through to get back to training.
Section: Mind :: Sep 07, 2005

Q & A From The Babyboomers - We Get Better Each Year!
Greetings Baby Boomers! Our mailboxes are filled to capacity with your questions, so we thought it was time to answer a few that hit upon some key baby boomer issues.
Section: Training :: Aug 10, 2005

Questions & Answers From The Babyboomers!
Greetings Baby Boomers! Our mailboxes are filled to capacity with your questions, so we thought it was time to answer a few that hit upon some key baby boomer issues.
Section: Training :: May 09, 2005

Want Good Legs? Work Your Hamstrings!
In our continuing quest to help baby boomers redefine the process of aging, we are constantly on the lookout for the line that separates a youthful physique from one that is old.
Section: Training :: Apr 18, 2005

How To Lower Your Body Mass Index.
From the thousands of emails that readers send in with questions, the most popular topics include increasing muscle mass and lowering body fat. Why do we need to write an article about getting back to basics? Let us explain...
Section: Training :: Feb 19, 2005

Getting In Shape After The Age Of 40.
Can you feel the buzz of the upcoming competitive season in the air? Check out some of these awesome questions and answers from babyboomers...
Section: Training :: Feb 04, 2005

Video Motivation.
Long-term commitment to creating a new you in the upcoming year requires a lifestyle change where the popular notion of instant gratification is left behind forever for the much greater reward of health, wellness and longevity...
Section: Mind :: Jan 28, 2005

Creating A New You In The New Year.
Long-term commitment to creating a new you in the upcoming year requires a lifestyle change where the popular notion of instant gratification is left behind forever for the much greater reward of health, wellness and longevity...
Section: Mind :: Jan 07, 2005

Making A Myth Of Holiday Weight Gain.
If we can plan cheat days and high carb days, doesn't it make sense that we can plan for four holidays within the last quarter of the year? Planning for the holidays will make a myth of holiday weight gain.
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 03, 2004

Forgotten Forearms: What Exercises Do You Need To Build Great Forearms?
Build up your forearms and wrists and you will be able to lift more weight while performing other exercises. You\'ll be able to hold more weight in your hands, reducing the need for straps. Learn more...
Section: Training :: Nov 16, 2004

Are Organic Foods Necessary For A Healthy Diet?
The bottom line is that organic does not mean what many people think it means. It does not mean absolutely no pesticides or no antibiotics or no irradiation or no genetic engineering!
Section: Nutrition :: Oct 22, 2004

I Want It Now: Maximize Your Gains & Avoid Setbacks!
What can you or I do to maximize gains and avoid all the setbacks on the road to progress?
Section: Training :: Oct 08, 2004

Questions & Answers From Babyboomers, By Babyboomers.
Learn how to keep making gains after you hit 40, what you need to know about carb cycling, why doctors recommend and more...
Section: Training :: Oct 01, 2004

What Is The Point Of Resistance Training?
What is the point of resistance training and do you need it to build muscle? Find out here...
Section: Training :: Sep 24, 2004

How To Achieve The Top Ten Guns Of All Time!
If people are so impressed with arms, why are so few outstanding biceps seen even at gyms or local level contests where you would think they would be common? Far too many people mistake size with quality development. Learn how to build big arms!
Section: Training :: Sep 10, 2004

Back In The Saddle Again: Fix Your Droopy Physique!
We receive many emails from readers who used to be physically fit when they were young, but now having reached their 40s or 50s have found themselves woefully overweight and out of shape. Learn how to get back into shape!
Section: Training :: Sep 03, 2004

Beauty Is Skin Deep: Babyboomer Guide To Skin Care!
In order to achieve both a fit physique as well as a young and vivacious look, a baby boomer must give equal attention to improving and/or enhancing the physique and skin care...
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 27, 2004

Couples Training!
Is it possible for males and females to make successful training partners in the gym? Can rewards be found through a couples approach to training that is unattainable with an individual effort? Find out!
Section: Training :: Aug 23, 2004

Happy Training!
What is the point of exercise and healthy eating? Ultimately, the answer is happiness...
Section: Mind :: Aug 06, 2004

Healthy Obsessions!
We have choices to make about our weight and it is within our power to exercise these choices. The choice is yours. Make it a good one!
Section: Training :: Jul 30, 2004

Physique Transformation Help!
Going to the gym for physique transformation goals is a complex process that involves consistent effort, dedicated commitment and a non-fail attitude...
Section: Mind :: Jul 16, 2004

Training For A Purpose!
Do you want a better body? How much are you willing to pay for it? Many people are willing to pay a lot of money but NOT willing to pay in terms of effort. Check out these tips from the babyboomers on how to get your dream body...
Section: Mind :: Jul 09, 2004

Beginning Weight Training For Baby Boomers!
So, what's a Baby boomer to do that wants to achieve a high physique goal at a gym that only employs young clip-board trainers? Follow our Legendary Fitness advice to create your own legendary physique!
Section: Training :: Jul 02, 2004

The Simple Mathematics Of Fat Loss!
Each month, countless questions about fat loss flood our email as readers are searching for the solution to weight loss. But, so few are willing to do what needs to be done in the process. Losing weight and keeping it off is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!
Section: Nutrition :: Jun 22, 2004

Bill Pearl: Beyond The Universe!
Beyond the Universe: The Bill Pearl Story is the book I have been waiting 30 years for! I have copies of Bill's other books, as do millions of other people, but I have always wanted an autobiography of this legend of the iron game.
Section: Contests :: Jun 11, 2004

Go Down Fighting!
How in the heck can anyone in their 40s to 60s+ keep a positive attitude in training? What's the point when injuries are commonplace, hormones are at new lows making fat harder to lose and muscle harder to maintain let alone gain?
Section: Training :: Jun 01, 2004

Hitting The Contest Stage After The Age Of 40!
Too old to enter a contest? No way say our baby boomer readers! Hitting the contest stage after the age of 40!
Section: Training :: May 21, 2004

The Death Of Female Bodybuilding!
While I think female bodybuilders have a right to train and pose and even take steroids if they wish, my problem is that they think we should all approve of it and pay money to see them. Unfortunately, most of us find it too extreme. Female bodybuilding has difficulty retaining and attracting sponsors. Learn why.
Section: Training :: May 14, 2004

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Stop Stress Before It Stops You From Your Workouts!
Last week on Bodybuilding for Baby boomers we discussed stress related back and neck pain that places limitations on your ability to maximize results in the gym. In order to avoid the cycle of stress, pain and weak muscles, Legendary Fitness decided to take a look at some popular recommendations for stress reduction.
Section: Training :: Apr 30, 2004

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Building Your Body Without Aches & Pains!
Cumulative effects of daily stress contributes to the development and exacerbation of physical problems according to Dr. Cindy Carmack at the University of Texas. For baby boomers, that translates into neck and back pain when stress builds up over time. Learn how to fight stress...
Section: Training :: Apr 23, 2004

2004 NPC Southern USA Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Championships!
Bodybuilding is alive and well in Panama City, Florida as thousands of fans discovered at the Edgewater Beach Resort Convention Center on April 10th...
Section: Contests :: Apr 16, 2004

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - The Golden Era Of Bodybuilding!
Today we are going to take a look back at the Golden Era of Bodybuilding. We will also take a look into Dick Tyler's new book West Coast Bodybuilding Scene: The Golden Era...
Section: Contests :: Apr 06, 2004

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Optimism: The Key To Successful Exercise!
Learn how by staying positive you can still reach your goals! Optismism is the key!
Section: Mind :: Jan 09, 2004

For Babyboomers - Triceps Of The Gods!
I don't know what caused this sickness, but for some reason I caught the triceps disease. I became obsessed with developing great triceps. Find out how to sculpt your triceps like those of the 60's and 70's with Richard Baldwin!
Section: Training :: Oct 14, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Breaking Through Over 40 Plateaus!
Everyone hits a training plateau at one point or another in his or her resistance program. Young, old, male or female, this frustrating period in a training regime knows no bounds. Learn how to bounce back fast once you hit one!
Section: Training :: Oct 03, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Creatine For Babyboomers?
Sales of creatine are estimated at between $100-200 million so I finally began to investigate the evidence for creatine and have recently become convinced that it is another important, efficacious nutrient! Learn why!
Section: Supplements :: Sep 11, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - How To Redefine Your Age!
Ready to hit the gym today to increase your health and longevity? Have you read about the benefits of intense cardiovascular activities such as running, but fear your already aching joints and tendons can't take the pounding day after day?
Section: Training :: Aug 20, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Q & A.
This week we are answering some important questions that we have recieved from our fellow babyboomers. From training to supplementation, learn it all. If you have any questions, send them to us at:
Section: Training :: Aug 14, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Cortisol Confusion.
Are you over 40, exercising, eating properly and still too fat in the middle? You may be suffering from too much cortisol! Learn why!
Section: Supplements :: Aug 04, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - It's Not Too Late!
Have you looked at yourself naked in the mirror lately and felt depression seeping throughout your entire being as you stared at that out-of-shape figure? Don't let the nay-sayers destroy your resolve to get in shape because you are past 40. Learn why it is not too late to get in shape!
Section: Mind :: Jul 28, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Learn About Bodybuilding And Arthritis!
Aches, pains, rest, ibuprofen, ice, stiffness and training around an injury are words that seemingly increase in frequency in a baby boomer's vocabulary. Learn how exercise can benefit arthritis and what the warning signs are of it!
Section: Training :: Jul 21, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - The Flow Of Frank Zane!
My 11-year-old son Ryan and I recently visited 3-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane. Find out what he is doing these days and what we learned from Frank (& Tyler)!
Section: Training :: Jul 10, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Just Do It, It's Time To Begin Again!
For just under a year, Richard and I have religiously posted weekly articles on geared to help our fellow baby boomer lifters, looking to enhance the quality of life. But, what happens when life gets in the way of our workouts? Not excuses, but real life experiences that make workouts impossible.
Section: Training :: Jul 03, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Beware the Health Hucksters!
The fact is that, just as in my case, most back pains resolve in two to four weeks. After a couple of days of back rest, most people can begin moving around and gradually resume normal activities within a few weeks. Learn the facts BEFORE you go see a chiropractor!
Section: Training :: May 30, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Myths About Warmups!
Not only will these warm up sets prepare the joints and muscles for the workout ahead, but also your mindset, a critical element in your overall success. So, get out to the gym, baby boomers, armed and ready to begin your daily mission towards building a legendary physique in an efficient and injury free method.
Section: Training :: May 08, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Maximizing Your Genetics!
Baby boomers that hit the gym and demand ultimate physiques for health, wellness, longevity, and yes, creating and maintaining an attractive body, want to make the most of their time spent working out. So, how can we maximize our genetics to speed up those results?
Section: Training :: May 01, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Choosing The "Right" Information For Productive Gains!
Sometimes we get stuck in the trivia and couple it with confusion. Forget the trivia! Keep it simple! Move forward and make progress. Learn why knowing the scientific evidence of losing weight will help you!
Section: Training :: Apr 24, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Striving For Excellence!
Just a few hours of exercise each week will return decreases in risks of age and weight related diseases, improve memory and mental functioning and add years of quality life. Don't you owe that to yourself and your family?
Section: Training :: Apr 17, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Getting The Most Out Of Your Workouts!
The bottom line is that without mastering the instinctive training principle no one can apply the various other principles of training to their maximum potential.
Section: Training :: Apr 07, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - The Body Beautiful!
We asked our readers what they thought about the current state of bodybuilding. Before we present some of their responses, let's describe briefly how the nature of bodybuilding has changed over time.
Section: Training :: Mar 22, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Shaping Up For Summer, The Baby Boomer Way: Part 2!
As promised, here's the second part of the Legendary Fitness plan to shape up for summer. Last week we focused on cleaning out the pantry, stocking up on nutrient dense foods, purchasing supplements and being prepared.
Section: Training :: Mar 12, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Shaping Up For Summer, The Baby Boomer Way!
Shaping up the baby boomer way means training hard, yet training smart. That means employing science and the wisdom that only comes with age to our training. Learn why!
Section: Training :: Mar 06, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers # 27
Countless articles are written about motivation, where to seek it and how to keep it. But, what about those few that are found hitting the gym and pumping iron through snowstorms, holidays and adversity?
Section: Mind :: Feb 27, 2003

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Secrets To Sexy Shoulders!
Follow these simple tips choosing three exercises (one for each head of the deltoids) and working up to 3 sets each for two workout sessions per week, and you will soon have those sexy shoulders you've always wanted!
Section: Training :: Feb 20, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Choosing The Perfect Training Program For All Ages!
In this weeks issue, we will discuss choosing the right training program for all ages. Learn why periodization is the key to success and what physiological changes occur after 40.
Section: Training :: Feb 13, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Less Fat Means More Memory!
In this weeks issue, we will discuss the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle and how it will help you have a better memory. Learn the secrets on how to avoid memory loss!
Section: Training :: Feb 06, 2003

Babyboomers - Cardio: Myths & Facts.
This week they are back with some question and answers from viewers! Learn the myths of cardio and why it is so important! Also learn how cardio can help you get the lean, sexy muscle mass that gives your metabolism a natural boost.
Section: Training :: Jan 28, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Cardio: Myths & Facts.
This week they are back with some question and answers from viewers! Learn the myths of cardio and why it is so important! Also learn how cardio can help you get the lean, sexy muscle mass that gives your metabolism a natural boost.
Section: Training :: Jan 28, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Q & A For Squats And Leg Press!
This week they are back with some question and answers from viewers! Learn some great exercises for working the glutes plus much more...
Section: Training :: Jan 25, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Secrets To Glamorous Glutes!
This week is about the secrets to glamorous glutes. Learn the exercises and things to do to get the sexiest glutes around...
Section: Training :: Jan 22, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Working Out = Better Sex!
This week the topic is sex. Learn how getting in shape will improve your sex life and how orgasms are achieved more frequently and easily by working out...
Section: Training :: Jan 10, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Get Started On A Babyboomer Lifetime Resolution!
Many went ahead and turned the holiday season into an eating orgy, rather than a few holiday meal splurges. Learn why and how to fix it...
Section: Training :: Jan 03, 2003

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Train Right To Succeed!
You have been training hard over the holiday season, but now your hurt. Learn why your body reponds different that it did 20 years ago and find out how to prevent injury!
Section: Training :: Dec 26, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Make Gains, Lose Weight And Achieve Fitness Goals!
Are you trying to lose the extra 10 lbs. you have been trying so hard to? Also, find out about why so many bodybuilders use the 'bulking' phrase as an excuse to cheat...
Section: Training :: Dec 07, 2002

Babyboomers - Holiday Weight Gain.
Did you eat too much over the holiday weekend? Are you looking to loose the weight but have commitments to go to? Learn what to do to not gain more weight at holiday gatherings!
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 04, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Developing Muscle Tone!
Are you looking to get the firm and toned body you have always wanted, but you think it's too late? Learn how to get the perfect body during the season most Americans gain 7-15 lbs...
Section: Training :: Nov 30, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Results Babyboomers Are Capable Of Achieving!
Are you trying to figure out what a legendary physique is? Learn what it means to Richard & Diane and find out why so many Americans are overweight...
Section: Training :: Nov 27, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Top 8 Tips To Get Motivated!
Are you trying to find motivation but don't know where or what to look for? Richard and Diane have put together the top 8 tips to get motivated...
Section: Mind :: Nov 22, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Secrets To Great Training And Nutrition Programs!
Are you trying to lose weight, but can't find the right training program or nutrition program to get into shape? Learn the secrets of Richard Baldwin & Diane Fields, the babyboomer experts...
Section: Training :: Nov 15, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Week Ten!
Do you have diabetes? Are you a newcomer to the bodybuilding world? Learn the secrets on how to fight diabetes with bodybuilding! Also, see the amazing transformation of a man that went from a 46 to a 32 inch waist!
Section: Nutrition :: Oct 29, 2002

Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Raising Testosterone Naturally!
Are you trying to raise your testosterone levels? Are you trying to loose weight fast, learn the secrets from Diane and Richard and how to do so!
Section: Training :: Oct 22, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Transformation!
Are you a babyboomer with a legendary physique? If yes, we are looking for you! Also, see the amazing transformation of Tim H., and how he lost over 90 lbs!
Section: Contests :: Oct 16, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Week Seven!
Learn how to improve your chest and pecs without the bench press. Also, find out how to improve you calves with the help from Diane and...
Section: Training :: Oct 09, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Important Areas To Consider!
Do you not know where to start or what to do? Find out how and where to do it! Also, find out what bodybuilding for babyboomers is...
Section: Training :: Oct 02, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Getting Past An Injury!
Have you recently had an injury and just can't get past it, read on to find out how to work through your injury...
Section: Training :: Sep 26, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Proper Nutrition And A Sound Training Program!
All of your nutrional needs are answered by Richard and Diane. Find out the best ways to improve your body with nutrition...
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 15, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Week Three!
Have you been trying to improve parts of your body but you are not getting the results that you want, find out more...
Section: Training :: Sep 09, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Training Ideas Plus Diets And Goal Setting!
Get some training recommendations from Richard and Diane and learn about diet, goal setting, and sticking with it...
Section: Training :: Sep 05, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Main Page!
From the babyboomers in your 40s and 50s and beyond, this new section of will focus on improving your physique through nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.
Section: Training :: Sep 03, 2002

Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Maintaining Your Physique Through The Holidays!
Despite the busy holiday season, you don't have to totally give up training during the holidays. This week we are going to present some quickie workouts that you can do in 15 minutes, 2-3 times a week during the holidays to maintain some of those great gains you made before the holidays started.
Section: Training :: Aug 29, 2002

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