Maximizing Your Genetics!

Baby boomers that hit the gym and demand physiques for health, wellness, longevity, and yes, creating and maintaining an attractive body, want to make the most of their time working out. So, how can we maximize our genetics to speed up those results?

We count ourselves as members of the group. It's easy to find us, as our percentage numbers grow smaller each day. Obesity has taken hold at epidemic proportions, so to defy both the percentage numbers and age makes us unique. Better yet, it makes us legendary! The group I'm talking about is baby boomers. Baby boomers that hit the gym and demand ultimate physiques for health, wellness, longevity, and yes, creating and maintaining an attractive body, want to make the most of their time spent working out. Yet we live in a world of instant gratification and are guilty of wanting immediate results. So, how can we maximize our genetics to speed up those results?


What type of time frame am I looking at to see results and how much of An increase should I be able to see in, lets say, 2 months?


So many different variables come into play when resistance training is added to a daily fitness routine. Nutrition, intensity, muscle fiber type and recruitment are just a few factors that will affect the outcome of training. But, if you do everything in your power to maximize gains, while minimizing injuries, the results seen in two months will be at the optimum levels.

Keys To Maximizing Your Genetics

  • Write down clearly defined goals. You should have an image in your mind of your ultimate physique, visualizing this image during workouts and throughout daily activities.
  • Keep a training journal and nutritional diary. If you want to add lean muscle mass, you'll need to start adding calories into your daily intake. Do you want to lose weight? Then cut calories and add in some fat-burning cardio to your exercise regime. Keep track of the results and modify levels up or down accordingly.
  • Sound nutrition is critical for maximum results. While you will need to adjust calories up to gain mass, and calories down to reduce fat, remember that a calorie is not just a calorie. There is a difference in the quality of the proteins, carbohydrates and fats that you intake.
  • Training intensity affects gains. Using periodization training techniques, develop your overall workout program to all you to be in peak physical condition for a contest, 25th reunion or your child's wedding. Time your training intensity so that as you get closer to your goal, weights are going up and rep ranges are going down. Heavy weights with low reps efficiently maximize gains. But lifters beware! Constant pounding of heavy weights will increase your risk of injury. So, be smart and continue the forward thinking that made our generation legendary. Incorporate heavy, intense training days or cycles into your overall workout routine, thereby maximizing gains, while minimizing injuries.
  • Listen to your body and apply Instinctive Training techniques. Individuals have differing needs. Richard never participates in cardiovascular activity. He maintains a lean physique year round, so he never needs to compromise his muscle building efforts with catabolic cardiovascular activity. Clearly, this technique worked as evidence of his countless bodybuilding titles demonstrates. Yet, Richard rightly prescribed cardiovascular activity for his protege, Laura Combes. Richard trained Laura to become the first Ms. America in 1980. Two legendary bodybuilders, 1980s Mr. And Ms. America. Two different approaches to cardiovascular activity. One size does not fit all! Develop a training program to maximize YOUR genetics.
  • Execute proper form. Using a full range of motion, visualize your goal and contract the muscles worked. Avoid jerking, swaying and heaving as these cheat techniques do little to build mass, but dramatically increase your risk of injury. Make the most of each rep by employing visualization techniques and feel the muscle you are working.
  • Use supplements to maintain optimum health, reduce injuries and aid in the recovery process. Remember, supplements are just that... supplements. They are not meant to replace real food, but rather enhance the effects of sound nutrition and exercise. Check out our articles for further information on supplements.
  • Adequate recovery is key to maximizing gains. Remember that muscle growth takes place during the recovery process, not while lifting the weights. The amount of time needed varies once again by individuals. Adjust sleep levels, training frequency and training intensity levels to insure you are getting enough rest and recovery time. Not only will recovery aid in gains, it helps with our psychological health. Many overweight people take in excess calories simply due to overtiredness and stress. Stay energized to avoid overeating. Overtraining can also lead to depression, which in turn affects the workout effectiveness, ability to function in the workplace and relationships with partners.
  • Get your training, exercise and nutrition information from reliable sources of information. Even great genetics won't produce great gains if silly techniques are employed. Choose your sources carefully. If the claims made seem too good to be true….stay away. Our top picks for resources include, Bompa, Draper, Hatfield, and Poliquin.
  • Find the balance that allows you to enjoy life while creating and maintaining your legendary physique. Yes, you are getting older and don't have the ability to put on mass at the same rate as in your 20s. Does that mean hide in a dark room with the pillow over your head? Hell no! Get out there and create the most awesome physique possible for a person in his or her 50s, 60s or 70s. Show the world that you've made the choice to redefine the aging process with a physique envied by those that are decades younger. Then reap and share the benefits of a great physique coupled with health while living a full and active life with your partner.

Now, that's what we at Legendary Fitness call Maximizing YOUR Genetics!

Train hard, train smart and maximize your genetics on route to your legendary physique!
Richard and Diane

Train hard, train smart and make it a legendary week!
Diane Fields, Member. Legendary Fitness, LLC.
Richard Baldwin, Member. Legendary Physique, LLC.

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