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12-Week Hardcore Video Trainer With Kris Gethin

12-Week Hardcore Video Trainer With Kris Gethin

Welshman Kris Gethin trains you and trains with you during his 12-week transformation programme — burn fat and build muscle whilst sculpting your ideal physique!

Team Grenade: Desert Workout

The Team heads out across the pond to the barren Nevada desert for an early morning boot camp style training excursion.

Healthy Bars In 5 Easy Steps

Tired of searching through stores to find the perfect protein bar? Now you can make your own! Follow these easy steps to protein bar wonderland, from the UK's very own Protein Powder Ph.D., Anna Sward.

Grenade Fitness 360: James St. Leger, Fire Arms

When you live a life on the edge, engage hostiles, and fight in cages, the bodybuilding stage is a safe zone. See how James St. Leger's body operates under multiple jurisdictions.

Grenade Fitness 360: Jamie Alderton, War Games

Now that his military career is complete, Jamie Alderton is engaged in a new theatre of war: bodybuilding. Follow his plan and change your future.

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