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International Transformation Of The Month: British Bombshell

After stomach surgery, Lola Adeoye needed to change. She fell in love with spinning, competed in the Miss Galaxy Universe pageant, and discovered a better life!

Name: Lola Adeoye
Email:, BodySpace: Myfitnessbuddy
Country: United Kingdom (Essex)

Lola Adeoye Lola Adeoye
AGE 35
207.2 lbs
AGE 43
116.8 lbs

Why I Got Started

In the summer of 2004, I was in and out of the hospital with severe stomach pain. In August, I found out that I had gallstones.

Even worse, the stones had left the gall bladder. In addition to surgery to remove my gall bladder, I had to go through a second procedure to remove the stones left in my body.

At the pre-surgery consultation, my consultant asked me to jump on the scale. When he said I weighed 207 pounds (94 kilograms); I was ashamed.

His reply was, "Never mind. We'll get you well and back to your fish and chips!" I knew right then and there that things had to change!

How I Did It

Two weeks after my gall bladder surgery, I went back to the gym. I had been a member since 2001, but hadn't stuck to any particular training regimen. This time, I wasn't going to let my shameful body keep me out of the gym.

In November of 2001, I found something I loved: spinning. Over the next 3 months, I attended spinning classes six days per week and followed them with 30 minutes on the treadmill or stairmaster.

By April 2005, I had gone down from a UK Size 20 to a size 12. In 2007, my weight was down to 147 pounds (67 kg). That year I decided to become a spinning instructor.

Also in 2007, I came across a copy of Oxygen Magazine. Inside the magazine was a leaflet for the "Eat Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno. I bought the "Eat Clean Diet" and started using Oxygen for weight training advice and reference. In 2009, I became a BodySpace member!

I came across SteveP78 on BodySpace and sent him a message asking for help to lower my body fat and prepare for competition. That was the catalyst for my competition success.

On May 12th 2012, I entered my 2nd competition at the Miss Galaxy Universe, placed 6th in my age group, and also bagged the Most Improved award!

To date, I have lost 92.5 pounds (40 kg) and dropped my body fat by over 37 percent. I'm still a work in progress, but I'm planning on continuing my fit life and am looking forward to my next competition!


Post Workout


Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 3


I teach 3-to-5 cardio classes per week ranging from Spinning, Bootcamp to Zumba. I also do one training split over 5 days.

Day 1: Back
Day 2: Shoulders/Delts
Day 3: Chest
Day 4: Legs
Day 5: Triceps/Biceps

Note: Ab circuits are performed 3x per week.

Suggestions For Others

  • Never be afraid to try something new.
  • I CAN'T has no place; of course you CAN!
  • Use the resources available to you:, BodySpace, Myfitnesspal and other apps are free and useful.
  • Exercise does not have to be expensive. Pick up that pair of trainers, step out and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Plan your fitness. Write down your training plan and nutrition for the week.
  • Always ask for help when you are unsure. There is always someone on hand to help at the gym!

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