Total-Body Strong: Calories and Macro Calculator

Eat for performance during Total-Body Strong, and get the most out of this demanding and transformative training!

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Total-Body Strong is all about quality gains in strength, muscle mass, and body composition, without any unnecessary complication. Yes, you can gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously on this plan, but no, it's not going to happen if you pick this time to "go on a diet."

You'll prioritize protein during the next 8 weeks, taking in 1g each day per pound of bodyweight, spread across 4-5 meals and/or snacks. Aside from that, try to time 70-80 percent of your carbs into your pre- and post-workout meals. Follow those two directives, avoid crap food, and you'll do fine. Or if you're up for it, dial in all three macronutrients air-tight with this calculator, and earn results that will blow everyone's mind--especially your own!

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