What Are The Best Gifts For A Bodybuilder?

What are the best gifts for a bodybuilder? Find out what other people from the message boards think.

The holidays are coming around and they are not just a time for giving, but also receiving. The giving part can be very frustrating though, especially when you are trying to get everyone the right gift. But it can be extremely frustrating when holiday shopping for a bodybuilder.

What would be on a bodybuilder's Christmas list?

What are some of the best gifts to give a bodybuilder when trying to keep the price low? Describe in detail what those items are and why they might be useful.

If money is not an issue what would you get for a bodybuilder? Describe in detail what those items are and why they might be useful.

Bonus Question: If you could receive one gift which pertains to bodybuilding/fitness, what would it be? Why?

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First Place perldog007

Bodybuilders are a special case. They are just like anybody else and like no one else at the same time. A bodybuilder is human, sort of. They have needs and desires like other humans. They need to eat, sleep, seek comfort, and be entertained and enlightened.

How bodybuilders go about addressing those needs makes them unique and can make gift shopping for one a unique pain. Dogma in bodybuilding runs deep like politics and religion being discussed with in-laws. This can make gift selection difficult even for fellow bodybuilders.

Most bodybuilders take some kind of supplements. Basic intel has to be sound here. You never ever want to even dream about handing somebody the one supplement that they are passionately opposed to. If you have heard somebody say "I want to get some xyz..." better not hand them a box of "abc..." or you will be in deep "def...".

A supplement somebody is curious about trying is a nice gift. If they like it, you turned them on to it. If it doesn't turn out to be the answer to their prayers, you saved them money and face by getting it for them.

Equipment is another area where opinions vary. I like my SPRI stability ball. I often use it for a chair when I type these deep thoughts. Hand some guys a big pink beach ball and you are in for a spirited workout. Same with books and videos. Some thought and knowledge of the recipient is called for.

Some bodybuilders would love to get one of those steamy swimsuit videos featuring beautiful female fitness models. I went to high school with a huge devoutly religious bodybuilding nose tackle who sent two wrestlers off the mat by ambulance. They didn't even try to give him any "porn". That bodybuilder would be absolutely the wrong guy to hand this kind of gift to.

Some gifts are more generic. Everybody drinks water. Gym bags are nearly universal. How well you know the recipient has a lot to do with selection. Cost is another consideration. How much can you afford? What price range is appropriate for this gift?

Luckily for you, you are here. Like right here at Bodybuilding.com. Gifts for the bodybuilder for as little as $1.95 can be had without getting up from wherever you are. Kindly read on.

What Are Some Of The Best Gifts To Give A Bodybuilder When Trying To Keep The Price Low?


Jump Ropes

  1. Jumping rope is killer cardio and improves balance and coordination.
  2. You don't need to go anywhere special, and the jump rope can go everywhere.
  3. Being seen jumping rope makes you look tough like one of those Ultimate Fighter guys.

Bodybuilding.com Shaker Bottle!

  1. Having one of these with some protein powder will keep you anabolic when meals are missed.
  2. A shaker bottle in your gym bag gets you to a post workout shake quickly.
  3. The Bodybuilding.com logo let's everybody know that you are not an animal; you know how to use a computer.
  4. It is a great shaker bottle and at a great price. Cover yourself in whey and water sometime to appreciate a leak free bottle.

Bodybuilding.com Water Bottle!

  1. Helps you ensure survival of your genetic code by attracting a suitable mate.
  2. Demonstrates your fitness as a mate by being smart enough to properly hydrate.
  3. Again, the Bodybuilding.com logo shows computer literacy to prospective mates.
  4. Being hydrated keeps you mentally sharp as well, for superior flirting ability.
  5. Perfect size for most auto cup holders.
  6. Dishwasher safe.
  7. Almost everybody probably needs to drink more water. This makes it more convenient.

Bodybuilding.com Towel!

  1. Wipe the sweat off of that bench!
  2. Size is perfect to have with you during workouts.
  3. The Bodybuilding.com logo sets you apart from the sheep using the plain towels at the gym.

Portable Personal Mixer

  1. Really cool gadget for the techno inclined bodybuilder.
  2. Mix and drink from same unit.
  3. Runs on battery power or available adapter.
  4. Fits in a gym bag.

VitaMinder 7 Pack Organizer

  1. Shows more class than zip lock baggie.
  2. Great gift for those who take lots of supplement tablets.
  3. Less likely to get you hauled in for questioning than a plastic baggie full of pills.
  4. Helps you remember to take your supplements.

Portion Scale

  1. Surprisingly accurate for the price.
  2. Portable.
  3. Provides precision for your nutrition program.
  4. Great "back up" for more elaborate electrical scales.

AccuFitness MyoTape

  1. You can take your own measurements with this tape.
  2. Makes it easier to chart progress by giving exact measurements.
  3. Simple and reliable.
  4. Almost everybody can use one of these.

Bodybuilding.com Gym Bag

  1. Even people with a gym bag can use a spare.
  2. Bodybuilding.com logo makes you smart and cool.
  3. Perfect size for holding your Chuck Taylor's, clothes, towels, shaker, and water bottle.

If Money Is Not An Issue What Would You Get For A Bodybuilder? Describe In Detail What Those Items Are And Why They Might Be Useful

If you know that the bodybuilder on your gift list likes to read, books can be a great gift. They are durable and provide a lasting memory of the giver. With the advent of the DVD, videos are now much more durable. Some people will enjoy a video much more than a book.

While not always an extravagant choice, books and videos aren't usually cheap. A well chosen book or video can really make the recipient feel special. This is definitely one of those gifts that require some thought.

Equipment is another interesting choice when cost is not an issue. Even those who go to a gym often have some type of fitness equipment in the home. Some bodybuilders prefer working out at home. Equipment is very specialized and you have to know your bodybuilder for this to work out.

When you can put the right kind of equipment under the tree of the right bodybuilder, it will be a gift fondly remembered for years to come.


Books & Video

  • Training Videos. Here are some great choices. I like old school stuff and would probably dig any of the Mike Mentzer videos or the Vince Gironda exercise video. I own the Mike Mahler video and really like it. There is something here for nearly everyone.
  • Swimsuit videos. These gifts are not for everyone! For those who are so inclined this selection is sure to please.
  • Arnold's "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" Basically the multi-vitamin of bodybuilding books. A staple in every library. Even those who don't like to read will be inspired by the photos. If they like bodybuilding books it is hard to go wrong with this one.
  • Dave Draper's "Brother Iron Sister Steel". A tour de force from a master wordsmith and bodybuilder. Dave Draper has a style that will appeal to many serious readers.

Workout Equipment

  • Powertec Strength Two Tier Dumbbell Rack. Put one of these under the tree with a gift certificate for a rack full of dumbbells from the local fitness store. The dumbbell is one of the most versatile pieces of apparatus. A rack of dumbbells' doesn't take up much space and is a great addition for anybody. Even those who go to the gym might need to catch a quick workout at home now and then.
  • Powertec Strength Utility Bench. Add one of these to the dumbbell rack and you have a complete workout solution.
  • Powertec Workbench Rack System. A squat rack at home? What could be more convenient?
  • Powertec Workbench Multi System. Sometimes, machines can be helpful. When working out alone without a spotter sometimes it just makes good sense. This unit is compact and versatile. A great addition to any home gym and a gift the serious bodybuilder will get good use from.

Bonus question: If You Could Receive One Gift Which Pertains To Bodybuilding/Fitness, What Would It Be? Why?

I would really like a copy of Dave Draper's Body Revival. Dave's writing style and depth of knowledge make reading his work one of my favorite ways to spend post workout recovery time. Mr. Draper has a passion for not only being a great bodybuilder, but for assimilating knowledge and passing it on to others.

Reading is a big part of my life, and to me learning is second only to breathing. Right now my home gym is fairly complete, but a library can never be too expansive.

Thanks for reading and give well.

Second Place sword chucks

If you go through all of the notes that Santa got, you will be able to pick out the ones that are from bodybuilders. There are quite a few things that bodybuilders want year-round. Bodybuilding can become expensive, because there are a lot of things we need. Receiving something during the holidays that we can use for bodybuilding will help because it will save us money. Also, some gifts could be something we don't usually get, such as a new piece of equipment, or an expensive supplement.

This article is going to discuss a few things you should get for a bodybuilder and why they will be helpful. I will also mention how to find out what a bodybuilder might want without being obvious or giving away the surprise. Finally, I will mention where you can find each item.

A Bodybuilder's Christmas List

On a bodybuilder's Christmas list, there are probably going to be a whole lot of things that you know nothing about. This will cause most people to go out and buy something else that is more simple, like a protein bar, or just give them some money as a gift.

These are very nice things, but what would really make me have a great holiday would be to start the day with a shelf filled with a few new supplements, some nice new lifting equipment, and some nice clothes that fit right. I would be glad to receive some protein bars, but a really thoughtful gift would be something that I really am in need of, something that was on my Christmas list.

When looking at a bodybuilder's Christmas list, you should pay careful attention to what brand is written, and what the name of the product is. In fact, take the list to the store with you. With bodybuilding-related items - and this relates to supplements especially, but also to training equipment - each brand has something completely different to offer, and if you look for one item without specifying a brand, it might be something that they might not appreciate as much.

For example, if I asked for an amino-acid supplement such as SciVation Xtend, I do not think that you would be able to find any other product like it.

What I mean is, all bodybuilding-related products are slightly different, and I can guarantee that when I ask for a supplement I have researched it inside and out, and I would much rather have this supplement than another amino acid product. The same goes for, say, weight plates.

If you buy weight plates for me, I am probably going to ask for ones that match the ones that I already have. This is because it makes the weights look better to me. I wouldn't want to be stuck with 6 black 45 pound plates and 2 green ones, something like that would probably bother me after a while.

When shopping for most products that a bodybuilder could ask for, you can probably do best by shopping online. I know what I personally am going to do for my Christmas list - make a Bodybuilding.com order and give my parents the link! That way it is easy for them to find things and I get what I need.

My list

I am going to share with you what I plan to write on my Christmas list that relates to bodybuilding. See below:

  1. Bodybuilding.com Wrist Straps
  2. Power Mixer
  3. Whey Protein

If you look, you'll see that I was very specific about what I need. Sizes, brands and flavors are all pretty important to me. Wait a second, what is this - a bodybuilder worrying about flavor? Well, if I am going to have a supplement, I would like to have it taste all right.

These items are pretty easy to find on the store. All you have to do is go to the search bar and type in phrases such as "wrist Straps", "T-Shirt", "NO-Explode", "Power Mixer"... you get the idea.

Where I wrote power mixer, I did not specify a brand. With some accessories that we might need, you should use your best judgment and pick out a good looking and high quality accessory. It doesn't have to be expensive, though. For example, there are some great power mixers out there for around 10 dollars. Mine, the Ontel Mixer, costs only ten dollars.

Where I wrote whey protein, that is another area where you have some deciding power. Most whey proteins that you can buy have similar nutritional values, the only difference being in the flavor. You will probably know the person that you are shopping for pretty well, so look at a few different flavors, and pick out one that sounds unique.

When I get protein powders on Christmas, or for my birthday, I don't just want chocolate or vanilla, as I can get that any time. It would be a good idea to get a unique flavor that will really be appreciated. For example, take a look at Syntrax Nectar. Any of those flavors would be good to try.

You could also look at something novel like packets of powder, which are much more convenient.

To sum it all up, when shopping for a bodybuilder, you should pay attention to brands, flavors and sizes when they are specified. If there isn't a size, brand or flavor specified, use what you know about that person and pick something out! A surprise on the holidays could be just as good as something that I researched and picked out myself, as long as I didn't want something specific instead of the surprise, you know?

What If You Didn't Get A Christmas List?

If you didn't get to see a Christmas list from your bodybuilding relative, this article will probably help you to pick out some gifts more than anything else. A bodybuilder is going to want a few things no matter who they are - protein powder, exercise clothes, books or videos about bodybuilding and novel supplements.

If you know a little about your bodybuilding relative, you can also see if they would like items such as gym passes, more weights for their home gym, a gym bag and maybe a set of headphones. Anything that could help them workout or add to their nutrition would be great.

Protein Powders

Protein powders are always a great gift to get because they last for a long time and they save us a trip to the local supplement shop. Also, receiving a top-notch protein supplement (something better than I would usually buy for myself), would help with my motivation and make me enjoy bodybuilding a bit more.

Personally, I really like PrimaForce Substance Whey Protein Isolate, but it is a little too expensive to buy more than once or twice a year. I would be really happy to get some of this during the holidays, though. Chocolate Malt and Grape Splash are both flavors that I have tried, and they are both incredible!

If you are looking for a gift for a bodybuilder, just get them some Chocolate Malt or Grape Splash Substance WPI; that is a gift that you can't go wrong with.

Exercise Clothes

Exercise clothes are also useful for any bodybuilder. We are all about training, and since we do it so much it is a good idea to dress appropriately. I like to work out in a sleeveless shirt most of the time, so I can see my arms pumped up while I'm in the gym. I only wear a regular T Shirt on leg day, since I don't use my arms then.

Here is a nice looking shirt that I would recommend as a gift for any bodybuilder. I think I would like the brown, but other good colors for working out are black, white and blue.

Books Or Videos

Some items for entertainment or information would make pretty good gifts as well. To find items like this, look for bodybuilding books or bodybuilding videos. As for books, you could probably go to any book store and get a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger or Franco Colombo on training or dieting.

The Bodybuilding.com workout log would also be a great and thoughtful gift. Videos, too, are great for motivating us and teaching us about training. I would not like to get a boring old instructional video, because I could just as easily read information from the internet.

Instead, I would want an exciting real-life training video, such as Jay Cutler's New Improved and Beyond DVD. Ronnie Coleman's The Cost of Redemption, which I own already, was a great DVD also and I would recommend it. I provided a list of unique bodybuilding videos - keep in mind that it would be thoughtful to find out what bodybuilder your relative likes best, actually, before picking one out.


Novel supplements are just about the coolest thing to get as a gift for the holidays. They are presents that will have lasting results, and don't become less interesting as time goes on.

When I open up a cool supplement on Christmas morning, I get really Amped to try it, and it makes my holiday that much better!

Some novel supplements are SciVation Xtend and NOX-CG3. These supplements are cool because they contain effective ingredients and are popular, so we can be sure they will promote good gains in the gym and good energy in our workouts.


Then there are the items that, if you know the person a bit better as far as what they need, will make nice gifts. For example, if your bodybuilding relative has a home gym, buy him or her some weights. Try to find out what brand of weights it is that they already own, so you can get matching ones. Forty-five pound plates and ten-pound plates are always nice. If you get a plate, make sure you get another! You should always give weight plates in pairs.

If a person doesn't need something like a set of headphones, it can make a lame gift, but if a set of headphones is something that they need then it will be really appreciated. Try to find out if your relative needs a new CD, a new set of headphones, a new pair of lifting straps, a new workout journal or a new gym bag, and definitely don't buy him or her a gym bag if he or she already owns one.

Gifts For A Bodybuilder Don't Have To Be Expensive

I'm sure a lot of you holiday shoppers are baffled at the prices of some of these items. Some things you can do to make things cheaper (so you have money for the rest of your family) are:

  1. Buy a smaller container. For example, with Xtend, you can get a 50 dollar jug or a 20 dollar jug. Even a 20 dollar jug would be a nice and thoughtful treat for a bodybuilder; they won't think you are cheap.
  2. Remember that a lot of practical gifts aren't too expensive. Sure, a video of Kevin Levrone may be entertaining, but a practical gift would be just as good, but cheaper. Just try not to get something that the bodybuilder already has ten of.
  3. Look at another brand if one is too expensive. Take protein powders as an example. For 2 pounds of protein, you have to pay somewhere around 12 dollars for ON's 100% Whey, but about 20 dollars for Syntrax Nectar. Go with the cheaper one, as the quality will probably be similar anyway.

There are some nice cheap odds and ends that would be useful to a bodybuilder as well. I will put links to these products below. A Myotape is always useful for tracking progress; I personally don't have one, so I doubt many other bodybuilders do. The Bodybuilding.com training journal, the same one as I mentioned before, is a nice and useful item.

The Ontel power Mixer is over ten dollars, but under twenty! A lot of bodybuilders would appreciate one of these. Make sure you get the AC adapter! Giving somebody a set of new body fat calipers might be insulting, but it won't be the price that they are insulted about!

  • Calipers
  • Power Mixer

There are also some nice nutritional items sold on Bodybuilding.com. Below are links to a few of them. Like I mentioned before, you can always get a small tub of protein powder. Bodybuilding.com also sells real food items such as almonds!

When Money Isn't An Object

If money isn't an object, then you really open up some gift ideas. There are a lot of items on Bodybuilding.com's store that would make great gifts because they are expensive things that we wouldn't usually spend our money on. The fact that it is something that I wouldn't always have around is what makes it a neat gift.

If money isn't an object, some cool things that you can give include fancy accessories such as a digital body-fat caliper, treats such as beef jerky and protein pudding, and there are supplements with a little more punch than usual that you can buy, too.

The Accufitness Digital Body-fat calipers are great because they give us a very exact result for our skin-fold measurements. They will last us much longer than a regular set of calipers because they are durable and useful.

Bodybuilding.com also sells some cool food items that are packed with protein, which is beneficial for bodybuilders, but also taste great and provide a change from protein shakes and chicken breast.

I don't know who invented protein pudding, but I have gotten a free sample of this, and it felt like Christmas morning - it was awesome. It was much better than when I make my protein shake really thick so it is like a pudding. I would definitely get another of those.

Bodybuilding.com also sells this huge bag of beef jerky, which would be another really unique gift to receive on the holidays, especially because it isn't just some sugary protein bar, so it is not bad for me. I'd recommend Teriyaki or Original, those are best to me.

If you really want to make a bodybuilder happy, and you have an idea of what kind of supplements they use, you can get them a supplement like that, that would be awesome. If you know they really like a certain flavor, you should go to the store and type "XXXX protein" into the search bar, to find a good product.

The pricier ones usually taste very good, so a nice protein powder is a great gift if money isn't an object. A lot of people have told me that Syntrax Lattes are delicious, even if they are a bit expensive.

You could also get one of Bodybuilding.com's mass builder supplement packages. These usually have a high price, but you also get a lot of great supplements in these "stacks". If they are really into bodybuilding, get Big Cat's Mass Stack. If they are just starting, buy them the Basic Mass Builder.

Overall, if you are looking for something to buy for a bodybuilder and you are not worried about the cost, get items that seem to have an extra "punch" to them, and are a step above the basic items that you could buy. These will be very unique gifts because they are the types of things that are better than what we would buy for ourselves.

Bonus Question: The Best Gift That I Could Receive For Bodybuilding & Fitness - A New mp3 Player

Out of all of the bodybuilding - and fitness - related items out there, such as supplements, accessories and equipment, there is one accessory that I would like more than anything else - a new mp3 player.

Music is a really powerful force for us bodybuilders - it can motivate you for a workout and get your energy levels up like nothing else. This is why a durable, loud mp3 player would be a great gift.

I'm sure if you buy somebody an mp3 player for the holidays, with the prices the way they are, they will think that you are crazy, though. I mean, I wouldn't know what to say. I wouldn't mind if a few relatives pitched in and got me a nice mp3 player, such as the latest iPod.

Make sure it is something that holds a lot of data as well as something that won't just break if I sit on it the wrong way or press the volume button slightly harder than usual, though!


This article might have sounded like a note to my parents about what I want for Christmas, but it isn't just about me - I'm sure somebody interested in working out, bodybuilding or fitness would be very happy with any of the gifts above. Bodybuilding can become expensive, and sometimes we have to live on a tight budget. Because of this, great gifts are the ones that would be better than what I would buy for myself on any old day. A new piece of equipment or a unique supplement would be a great gift.

My parents usually don't get time to read my articles, but I'm definitely making sure that they read this one! Happy holiday shopping everyone, and have a good holiday season!