Body Transformation: Bam, Ma'am! What's Your Plan?

Liva was stuck on autopilot and let the pounds creep up on her. Read on to see how she changed her routine and achieved the goals she set for herself along the way.

Vital Stats

Name: Liva Rivera

Liva Rivera Liva Rivera


196 lbs
Body Fat:


133 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I have always "worked out"; however, I had the mentality of working out so that I could eat whatever I wanted, which obviously wasn't working. I gained a lot of weight having my children and never really lost the weight. Before I knew it, I was teetering on 200 pounds.

My son was almost two years old and I realized I was done having children and knew it was time to make a change. I met my trainer Beau Taillefer in 2009 and lost about 30 pounds in just a few months. I felt pretty good about that and got a little complacent.

When it came to shedding lard, Liva hit the ground pressing.

How I Did It

I had done a few half marathons and figured it was time to get a marathon off my bucket list. So I entered the New York marathon in the August 2010 lottery and unfortunately didn't get in. I knew it was time to set a real goal to get more results, I heard a lot about Tri-fitness from Willie Thomas who is the reigning male champion of Tri-fitness and I figured "let's give it a shot." I thought I was in pretty good shape, however, soon realized I had a long way to go to be "fit."

I was discouraged but was determined not to give up. I went to every practice and kept getting stronger. Al Rosen, Bernadette Rosen and Tri-fitness gave me the confidence I needed to give the swimsuit part of the competition a shot! I approached my trainer Beau Taillefer about 10 weeks out from the show and asked if he thought I could do the "grace and physique" portion of the show. He said "of course you can." Beau believed in me more than I ever believed in myself and helped me with my training and nutrition.

I am proud to report that this 36-year-old mother of three competed in her first Tri-fitness competition in November of 2010. I kept going and working on my nutrition with Beau and building up my strength with his Formula 55 training program, Tri-fitness and Crossfit. I competed in my second Tri-fitness competition in May of 2011. I am happy to report I placed 2nd in my age group on the obstacle course and 17th overall.

Liva's new body doesn't just look good - it's show and go all the way.
Liva's new body doesn't just look good - it's show and go all the way.
Liva's new body doesn't just look good - it's show and go all the way.

I am about to compete in my first Ms. Universe swimsuit competition this month and am excited about all of the progress I have made. With the help of good nutrition and fitness, I have been able to far surpass my initial goals that I set for myself. My two goals for 2011 were to 1) place in a fitness competition (and I've done that) and 2) to be featured in a magazine in some capacity. I'm hoping that my second goal will be reached because I know now that anything I set my mind to is possible.

My next stop after Universe will be to compete in Tri-fitness in the Fall of 2011 and to complete my first marathon before the end of the year.

This is our kind of stage mom—no kid required.

Suggestions for Others

The biggest tip I would give to anyone who is just getting started is that nutrition is key. Exercise has never been my issue, it has always been food. Unfortunately, you can't do one and not the other and see the kind of results you want to see. I suggest you search for a reputable trainer that has the proper experience and knowledge. Formula 55 is the driving force behind my success. Master Personal Trainer Beau Taillefer and his Formula ( have transformed my life.

Through Formula 55's transformation process which entails F55's cardio application, F55 nutrition and F55 strength training, I have been given the necessary tools and guidance to transform my way of thinking, which in turn has ultimately transformed my body and I am continually stunned by the changes I see physically and mentally. People often make the mistake in thinking that just because you exercise, you will lose weight, maintain weight or lead a healthy lifestyle. Formula 55 has taught me that this is not the case. A healthy and fit lifestyle requires consistency in your eating, consistency with your cardio, and consistency with your weight training.

I have learned that leading a healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. Everyone wants instant gratification in our society and unfortunately, anything that's worth it takes time and effort. Once my nutrition was in good order and I lost the weight, everything else fell into place and I got stronger and am still amazed at the things I am able to do from a fitness standpoint.

There are so many people on my journey who I would like to thank, but the people who were catalysts and constant support in my life are my AMAZING children, friends and family, Beau Taillefer, Ty Pena, Willie Thomas, my Bodfit family, Al and Bernadette Rosen and all my Trifit Family, and Eric Stratman and my TNL Crossfit Family.

There are so many others who constantly motivate and inspire me to be better every day and you know who you are. I am better from the inside out and my life is completely and totally changed in the best way possible as a result.