How The Pump Powers Muscle Growth: Break Through With Benefits Of NO!

Without question, nothing is more satisfying than achieving a powerful vein-swelling pump, but did you know that it amplifies muscle growth too? Learn more!

How The Pump Powers Muscle Growth

Without question, nothing is more satisfying than achieving a powerful vein-swelling pump, but did you know that it amplifies muscle growth too?

Every bodybuilder, athlete and weekend warrior knows what the pump is and how it is quite possibly the most psychologically motivating sensation experienced by gym goers. Of course you train to get big, but as soon as you step foot in the gym there is only one goal on your mind: Get the kind of skin-stretching pump that makes you feel like you can smash through a brick wall.

Aside from the mental and aesthetic benefits associated with the pump, what you may not know is that achieving peak vasodilation supports new muscular development. That's right! The pump — scientifically identified as exercise-induced hyperaemia — is vital to creating the most anabolic environment conducive to new growth.

How Does It Work

Now, you're probably wondering how the pump actually promotes new muscle growth. The release of nitric oxide facilitates the relaxation of the endothelial cells — smooth muscles that line the blood vessels — thereby expanding the lumen of the blood vessel (the middle space of a blood vessel where blood flows through).

As the lumen expands, blood flow is enhanced, resulting in peak vasodilation. Blood plasma is the primary channel through which nutrients, amino acids, testosterone, growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) are delivered to your starving muscles. Therefore, by feeding your system more blood, you transport elevated amounts of the various musclebuilding catalysts directly to your hard-working muscle cells.

Another example of how the pump powers growth is through the role of oxygen. Increasing the delivery of oxygen-rich red blood cells to your starving muscles accelerates the speed at which your system is able to cleanse itself of muscle toxins such as ammonia.

The removal of ammonia and other metabolites allows bodybuilders to recover more quickly between sets and perform more repetitions, which could result in better growth stimulus and adaptive growth in response to micro-tears at the muscle fiber level.

Achieving maximum vasodilation also allows your body to quickly deliver metabolized amino acids and nutrients that are derived from your pre- and post-workout nutrition, and shuttle them directly to your hypertrophying muscles — allowing for enhanced muscle recovery and growth.

Since the pump is the life force of new growth, you simply cannot afford to wait until halfway through your workout to achieve peak vasodilation.

To make your training sessions as anabolically efficient as possible, you need to get pumped as fast as possible. And the best way of accomplishing this is by using a quality, fast-acting nitric oxide accelerating product.

That's why tons of bodybuilders use L-arginine-based nitric oxide boosting supplements. Although there are many nitric oxide supplements to choose from, not all are created equally.


If you want to stimulate maximum nitric oxide production for powerful pumps you need to use a scientifically researched and precisely dosed formula with a technologically advanced delivery system.

The truth is most inferior nitric oxide products don't start working until halfway through your workout. So do your research to make sure you choose a nitric oxide supplement wisely because the anabolic power of the pump can't be denied.