Protein Pizza Crust!

Bye, bye, Boboli. Make your pizza crust from scratch—and power it up with some muscle-building protein—with this delicious thin-crust recipe!

Protein Pizza Crust!
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Pizza is one of those foods everyone craves, in part because it's so darned customizable! There's something for everyone: You can go the Hawaiian route with pineapple and ham; veg out with a banana pepper, mushroom, and red-onion pie; add some spice with chilies; or make your own creation with anchovies, chicken, tuna, or sausage. If you can dream it, you can eat it!

But it's not just toppings that are open to different ingredient variations; there are endless crust possibilities as well. When it comes to pizza, you've got thin crusts, thick crusts, and stuffed crusts—think cheese sauce, or even sausage-filled! Then, of course, there are deep-dish pizzas that are best eaten with a knife and fork.

I'm a big fan of them all, but if you were to press me for a favorite, I think I'd go with a thin crust and top it with a lot of veggies and cheese. But I wouldn't just settle for any thin-crust pizza; I'd go for one with a protein-packed crust.

More specifically, I'd whip this up and share it with the world!

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