Ask The Protein Powder Chef: Do You Have A Recipe For Protein Pizza?

Everyone loves a piping hot slice of pizza, but the nutrition facts are often terrifying. Learn how to make a protein-fueled pie!

I have a long-standing affection for deep dish pizza. I went to school in Chicago, and my friends and I would often go out to eat at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria, where deep dish is a way of life. If you've never had a deep dish pizza, let me describe it for you: It's like a pizza in pie form. Consider it thin crust to the umpteenth level. It takes a regular pizza crust, converts it into a piecrust, and stuffs it to the brim with tomato sauce, specialty toppings, and cheese through and through. It's delicious!

Whether it's the memory of meeting friends for an after-school gabfest at the local pizza joint or ordering in as a family on Friday nights, a good slice of pie has a place in most people's hearts. Too bad the same doesn't hold true for their waistlines.

Regular deep dish isn't the kind of thing you should eat regularly. That's because between the high-carb crust and a barrage of full-fat meats and cheeses, you end up with a caloric bomb. What's the solution? My protein-packed pizza recipe, of course!

Make this healthy version of deep dish pizza that delivers the same amazing taste but is actually packed with nutrition and protein POW!

Protein-Packed Pizza

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