Kendall's Kitchen: Thai Turkey Satay Skewers

This quick and easy turkey satay recipe is the perfect addition to your healthy meal plan. It's tickle-your-taste-buds yummy and packed with clean protein!

Kendall's Kitchen: Thai Turkey Satay Skewers

I just love this recipe. It's quick, easy, and can be doubled or tripled if you're cooking for a big group. It's also simple to integrate into healthy, precooked lunches you can take to work! The marinade is essentially calorie-free, so the only thing you're getting in spades is the nutritious protein from the turkey.

If you enjoy Asian flavors like the combo of wasabi and ginger, this recipe will be something you come back to time and time again. It's also customizable because you can always try adding or subtracting spices to better fit your tastes, and who doesn't like being creative in the kitchen?

I prefer to pair the turkey with a salad, but feel free to try it with other vegetables or even on top of some rice noodles!

Kendall's Kitchen Thai Turkey Satay Skewers
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