James St. Leger Fitness 360: Nutrition

Simplicity defines this peace officer’s nutritional regimen. When you’re aiming at physical perfection, food crimes have no place.

Nature provides everything we need to eat. James St. Leger doesn't feel the urge to nosh on chemically altered foods or snacks laced with preservatives and additives. His fastidious nutrition regimen includes clean meals, whole foods, and macronutrient precision. He is a marksman, in the kitchen and on the job. Follow his plan and let nature feed you.


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St. Leger's Nutrition Philosophy ///

The fundamentals of James St. Leger's nutrition stay the same all year. Why mess with stalwart simplicity? His daily protein comes from sources such as fish, chicken, turkey, and steak. The carbohydrates all come from sweet potatoes, oats, and certain fruit. The limited fats he eats come from natural sources like nuts, coconut oil, avocados, eggs, and fatty fish.

He also takes plenty of vitamins and minerals to balance his body and supply ample nutrients to cells. He eats as many vegetables as he can stomach. His short-term goals, which change often, determine his weekly calorie consumption. They stay fairly high during strength and power training, and then he introduces carb-cycling leading to a photo shoot or appearance with the guys at Grenade.

St. Leger's Nutrition Regimen ///
Meal 1: 05:30
Meal 2: 06:30
Meal 3: 10:00
Meal 4: 12:00, Pre-Workout


Meal 5: 13:00-13:30, Post-Workout
Meal 6: 14:00-14:30
Meal 7: 17:00
Meal 8: 20:00
Meal 9: 22:30