Halid Shokunbi Fitness 360: Supplements

Supplements don’t mean squat without training and nutrition. When you nail those, like Halid did to win the 2012 $100,000 Transformation Challenge, supplements can help you push harder.

If you don't nail your diet and crush it in the weight room, there is nothing on this page that will check the goals off your list. But, if you do those two things, this final step—supplements—will make a difference.

Halid didn't find a magic method or seek some shady trench-coat bro in an alley. He ate right, clung to the basics, used a smart supplement stack, and discovered the old self he was missing.

Halid Shokunbi Fitness 360

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Halid's Supplement Philosophy

I used to think that supplements were the key, but they're not. Supplements are just supplements. The key to achieving your goals is 70 percent diet, and the other part is exercise. Supplements will help you achieve those goals, but they won't do the work for you.

Whey protein is the most important supplement to take, in my opinion. Whether you are trying to build muscle or maintain it while cutting fat, whey protein will help.

For the 2012 $100,000 Transformation Challenge, I initially started using creatine for the first 4-6 weeks, just to help with my energy. Because I'd been out of the gym for so long, I wanted to have a good amount of energy to actually complete a workout.

I started using a pre-workout here and there when I was dragging myself to the gym, just to get a little more pep in my step. I also used slow-digesting casein at night, since I wasn't eating for a few hours.

I started using BCAAs, and I love them! They do so much for you. They give you energy for your muscle, but they also help prevent muscle breakdown, especially when you are exercising. I usually worked out late at night, so I didn't like to have supplements that had caffeine. That's why I really like the BCAAs. I was able to get a good, carb-free energy source, without it keeping me up at night.

I've learned a lot about supplements from Bodybuilding.com over the years. With so many articles, there's no excuse to be ignorant of certain products. I look for supplements that are backed by research, do not include unnecessary ingredients, taste decent, and mix easily.

Halid's Supplement Stack
Upon Waking
With Meals
Pre-Workout: 10-30 min Before Workout
Intra-workout (or Pre)
Before Bed

Note: Occasional casein in midday smoothie