Fitness 360: Seth Feroce, Working Class To World Class Supplementation

Bodybuilders like Seth Feroce put their bodies through abnormal stress to reach the physical ideal. Therefore, they must supplement their diet to maintain their strength.

Some people can get away without ever taking supplements. Some others supplement with extravagance and take too many. According to Seth Feroce, bodybuilders need to focus on food—he eats a lot of whole organics—but must also take supplements because they put their bodies under abnormal stress.

Feroce knows what it takes to achieve a winning physique. He nailed his best-ever look when he won the 2010 Europa Super Show. It's all about timing: Seth takes nearly all his supplements before, during, or after his workouts.

His only other slot for supps is late-night protein, and sometimes he exchanges that for leftover whole foods. Check out his complete plan and learn from an IFBB Pro.

Seth Feroce Fit 360
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Seth's Supplement Philosophy

Bodybuilders are bigger than ever before. Even the men of the 212 division have managed to pack on increased levels of mass within the bounds of a scale, thanks in part to supps.

But Seth is quick to note that supplements are not just for bodybuilders. "Whether it's CrossFit, just being in shape, bodybuilding, whatever it is, we all need to supplement because we're not normal people," Feroce says. "We usually take our bodies to a limit that not many other people do, and sometimes food is not enough."

Feroce doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to supps. He asks you to see how a certain product or ingredient makes you feel, and then choose whether to keep it or not. Even then, don't make your choices permanent. Change your plan as your plans change.

Seth focuses his supplement intake around his workouts. He takes them before, during, and after he lifts. When your body is in need, let it feed.

A MuscleTech sponsorship helped make Seth's supplement choices a lot easier leading into the 2010 NPC Nationals. "Am I biased against others because I am sponsored by Muscletech? Absolutely, they make just about every product I need, and they all work pretty damn well."

First he hits the basics: creatine, protein, amino acids, pre-workout, fat-burners, and vitamins. No matter what you choose to take, Seth reminds you to drink water, water, and more water. "I cannot stress this enough: Drink more H2O! There are a lot of salts in all pre-workouts and creatines. If you don't consume plenty of water, then the supps will not work to their designed potential. "

None of the supplement protocols will work without proper nutrition and training, so check out Seth's other pages to see how he balances the challenge of becoming world-class.