Craig Capurso Fitness 360 - Supplements

Craig Capurso is a Wall Street trader and IFBB Physique Pro. As his victories mount and the stages get bigger, Craig uses trusted supplements to complete his regimen.

Craig Capurso Fitness 360 - Supplements

To get every nutrient your body needs through whole foods in proper proportions, you'd have to become a mad scientist, dissecting, measuring and postulating on the power of each delectable morsel in your menu.

When your body breaks down due to the stress you inflict on it, it will desire recovery. Fulfill its physiological desires with timely, accurate supplementation.

Capurso is no cowboy competitor, shooting from the fit hip. His economics and athletics background and his Wall Street savvy make him a nutritional marksman. Sure, he misses sometimes, but the percentages prove his aim usually finds its mark.

"Diet is first," Capurso said. "If you have a good diet routine, you should supplement well. Don't think supplements are going to fix your problems. Don't think that if you take the right supplement, it will make your goals transform."

Don't fall into the trap of diet neglect. Your body needs nutrition in all its forms.

Craig Capurso's Fitness Program

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"I know [carbs] have a bad name in the industry at this point," Capurso said. "Find out how to use them; educate yourself. You want to have [shakes] most-likely post-workout, or when you need those extra carb sources and you can't eat them."

Craig asks you to heed this warning: Don't become a private lab rat for supplement companies.

"[Supplements] are a good part of the program if you use them right," Capurso said. "Don't just take everything out there. You're going to spend a whole lot of money for no reason. Use the ones you want to use, specific to what your needs are, what your diet goals are, what your aspirations are. There's a lot out there that can help you."

Craig's Supplement Philosophy

I take supplements in order to get the nutrition I lack in my foods. It is also an efficient way to get some calories through different meals (ex. protein and carbohydrate powders). For most of the supplements I use, I don't actually notice the product working at that moment, but I use it in case it's working.

It may sound crazy, but I want to give my body every chance at being the best it can be. I feel from taking supplements over the years, that they give me that one inch or one step I would have needed to be competitive.

I look for a product that gets good reviews and is not overpriced. Do your research! There are plenty of companies competing in the market. However, there are only a handful of reputable companies. Caveat Emptor = "Buyer Beware!"

Editor's note: Craig earned an athlete sponsorship from Cellucor after publication.

Craig's Supplement Stack

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