Ok, now I'm pretty sure any lifter knows about supplements and the ones today are better and safer than taking steroids. One supplement sticks out from the rest....Andro. It's good stuff but to a fault, it's not going to work for everyone.

Ok, now I'm pretty sure any lifter knows about supplements and the ones today are better and safer than taking steroids. One supplement sticks out from the rest....Andro. It's good stuff but to a fault, it's not going to work for everyone. If you're between 17-28, Andro is not going to do much for you because you have testosterone running amuck in your body already. It's like pumping up a balloon that already has air. Now if your 29 and over, then you will see results from Andro because your own testosterone will be down. The same goes to all other forms such as norandro, etc.

But the secret stack that football players use is....weight gainer and creatine. Weight Gainer is an athlete's best friend. The stuff works to put on muscle weight fast since it's protein and creatine serves to give you strength and lean muscle that you need. With these two together, an athlete could go from 190 to 210 in no time. But the important factor here is protein. Protein is the muscle-builder and you need this stuff, especially after your workout. Reason? Because after you workout, your body needs the protein to heal up and get ready for the next workout. If it doesn't get it in time or at all, it will feed on either body fat (big guys) and/or your own muscles (smaller or leaner guys). If it feeds off of your muscles, then your recovery time will slow down and by the time you workout again, you could be still in pain, because your body hasn't healed yet.

You must get in a protein or a weight gainer 1-2 times daily depending on how your body responds. And that's another thing, you have to listen and watch your body. The more you know about it, the more you'll learn how it works.

Now back to creatine, it's a great supplement, but the powdered and the pill forms aren't going to do much for you. Our bodies are bogged down with some much creatine from fish and red meat, that's the powdered and pill forms are practically useless. Answer? Effervescent or liquid creatine. I've tried the liquid creatine and found it to be better than anything, but that's my opinion. The only powdered creatine I would recommend would be.....Cell-Tech Hardcore. If you never heard of this stuff look it up on the net or go to a supplement store. It not only has creatine, but also has alpha lipolic acid, which gives your muscles that full look and glutamine, which makes your muscles get bigger. If you back Cell-Tech up with Nitro-Tech, you will see the weight pack on for sure. I've tried Nitro-Tech and gained 10lbs in one week...but back to the report at hand, only Cell-Tech, effervescent or liquid creatine will get you results from your heavy lifting.

Now there is another supplement other than Andro.....GH. Growth Hormone is designed to increase thickness and strength as well as keeping your leaness. The GH Stack from MuscleLink has show tremendous improvements on one subject. This guy went from cut to thick and cut. I would suggest only the best and from what I've heard, this stuff is the best. Growth Hormone is expensive, but it's well worth the buy.

But there is another supplement that works just as well…it's vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 metabolizes fuel and protein during workouts. B6 also raises GH or Growth Hormone levels. If taken in at 600mg , the user will get an increase in their GH naturally. It also lowers the cortisol levels, which is the stuff that causes your muscles to fatigue. So by using vitamin B6, you can increase your GH naturally and inexpensively. B6 can be found in orange juice, whole-wheat bread, spinach, turnips, and whole-grain cereals. So if your looking to build size through GH, look no further than vitamin B6. Also taking amino acids or BCAAs will aid your protein in the muscle-building process.

Weight Gain Dieting

Believe it or not, there are different ways to diet. When someone mentions diet, they suggest that they must loose weight. Not necessarily. Bodybuilders have diets, a weight-gain diet and a leaning down diet. For this report, I'm going to discuss the aspects of a weight-gain diet. Supplements alone won't do much unless you change your diet. Now this doesn't mean go out and eat everything including the stuff that you know will pack on fat. You want to be a "smart-pig", literally. You want to eat for muscle-gain, not weight-gain. To weight-gain is not to gain fat weight. I have three diets outlined below that can be used in conjunction with your routine, your smarts, and your supplements. But what ever cook. It must be one of three things.... broiled, baked, or steamed (vegetables), NEVER fry anything. They have tons of fat and that won't aid in helping your goal at all. Your main focus is protein...the muscle builder. Get as much as you can. If you choose a weight gainer, make sure you take enough throughout the day so that you body can use it...sort of give it more than it needs. If you choose a meal-replacement, then substitute one of the meals for it, so that you won't miss a meal, which is always good. Also, milk is your new best-friend since it widely used in any protein supplement. Milk also has protein so the more the merrier, but using water is also an option. Also you'll pack on the weight more this way.

Finally, there is another point I want to emphasize. Counting calories can be annoying but it helps out in the long run. This helps out regardless if you getting lean or getting big. To figure out the numbers here's what you do. Your average lifter consumes 18 calories per bodyweight. So, if you were maintaining your bodyweight and your at 180, you would multiply 180 by 18 to get 3240 calories per day. So it's obvious from here. If you want to gain weight and lets say you want to get around 210, then it's 210 times 18 which is 3780 calories per day. Also, counting your protein grams helps out as well. Lets use the same example lifter above. To maintain a 180lbs physique, you would take 180 and divide it by 2.2 which equals 81.8, then you mulitply by 2 to get 163.6. This means you have to consume about 164 grams of protein to maintain your bodyweight. To get to a bodyweight of 210 use the same equation:

210/2.2 = 95.4 x 2= 191

You will have to take 191 grams of protein and consume about 3780 calories a day to get to your desired bodyweight of 210 pounds. Ok, if you still confused, here are the equations again.


If nothing happens in your favor(not gaining weight for example), you can bump up your calorie intake to 500 calories until it does.

Now, in this report, I'm not going to give a diet since now diets are attuned to the person using it. You have to determine for yourself your calorie and protein needs. But here are some ways of creating one.

  • You have 4 to 6 meals daily.
  • 1 to 3 of those meals can be snacks(something like a protein shake, protein bar, a fruit, a sandwich, or something small.
  • Center your diet around some of the foods below:
    • Eggs or Egg Whites
    • Steak (grilled) and Chicken (broiled or grilled)
    • Milk and Orange Juice
    • Lean Beef (grilled or broiled) for hamburgers
    • Canned Tuna or Canned Chicken Breasts
    • Peanut Butter
    • Wheat or White Bread (wheat is preferred for leaning up)
    • Potatoes (mashed or baked)
    • Vegetables and Fruits
    • Salads
    • Cold Cuts
    • Cereal (only unsweetened and/or high fiber cereals)
    • Tea
    • Fish (baked, grilled or broiled)
    • Rice (brown rice or wild rice)(steamed)
    • Yogurt
    • Nuts and Seeds
    • Wild-game Meat
    • Lean Ham
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Beans
    • Pasta & Legumes
    • Sweet Potato
    • Low-Fat Cheese and Salad Dressings
    • Olive, Canola, or Flaxseed (vascularity) oil
    • Oatmeal and Grits (w/o butter)
  • Allow one cheat day for yourself every week.
  • Make sure that your three main meals are small and not too big.
  • Take advantage of meal replacements whenever

There you have it. The keys for making a good diet for yourself. If you want more information on diets or on any of my reports or systems please refer to my website below...until then stay big!!!