Fitness 360: Supplement Stack - Brittany Tacy, True Brit

A Ferrari body needs some extra fuel. Learn how Brittany uses supplementation to succeed.

"After trying several different companies and their products, I am proud to say that I use only CytoSport products as part of my daily supplement regimen," says Brittany. "I am so grateful to be one of their sponsored athletes as well."

Whole foods provide the vast majority of Brittany's calories. Her body is a Ferrari, not a Ford Taurus. Her high-performance body needs a few octane boosters, considering how she goes pedal the metal in the gym, hence the assortment below.

Like any fuel-injected machine, Brittany's body craves the right nutrients at the right moments. "There are certain times when replacing a meal
with a protein shake is more convenient, like post-workout, when whey protein is absorbed quickly into the muscles," she says.

Whatever she's doing, it's clearly working.

Brittany's Supplement Stack

  • Monster Amino

    Monster Amino

    1 scoop (30 minutes prior)

  • CytoSport Whey Isolate

    CytoSport Whey Isolate

    1 and 1/2 scoop

  • CytoSport L-Glutamine

    CytoSport L-Glutamine

    2 scoops (10 grams)

Late-Night Snack