Body Transformation: Sick Of Being Weak

Lisa wore her body down to a wind-blown 83 pounds! See how she changed her diet and grew into the woman she knew she could be. She gained 32 pounds!

Name: Lisa Hostetter

Lisa Hostetter Lisa Hostetter
AGE 34
83 lbs
AGE 37
115 lbs

Why I Got Started

In early 2003 I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. I decided to get myself as healthy as I could through exercise! It sounds like a great plan and in fact it was! I got myself a great pair of sneakers and took up running.

Well, I kept running but neglected the nutrition aspect of the equation! With my ongoing health issues I continued to run, battling it the only way I knew how or so I thought through exercise.

By 2007 I had dwindled to a whopping 83 pounds. Yes that's right 83 pounds! People made a lot of hurtful comments to me. I got so sick of hearing, "YOU ARE SO SKINNY!" Or worse, "You could hoola hoop through a cheerio!" I would go home and cry.

I wore big clothes so people couldn't see how skinny I had become. In the mirror naked, I scared myself. I didn't even know where to start! In my mind I had a vision of the body I knew I wanted. Wishing is one thing but taking action is quite another!

The final straw came when I injured my knee and ended up on crutches. I was sent home from the hospital on crutches and landed on the tile floor. I fell so hard the crutch went up my arm and when I hit the tile I fractured my rotator cuff!

They say everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that accident saved my life!

How I Did It

When I was still on my crutches, my dad took me to a local gym. I was a runner and so not interested in the weight room. The only problem was I couldn't RUN! This was my turning point! One of the trainers, Paula, a former bodybuilder, took a liking to me and we became friends.

I told Paula of my desire to pack on some serious muscle! Everyone laughed at me, but not Paula! She told me if I wanted to look like that I HAD TO EAT! So I would go home and put pictures of my (goal body) on my refrigerator. I kept a food journal too! We would review it and slowly but surely I saw results!

This was just my beginning! I now had a serious love for the weight room and was relocating to a new city. I purchased the Arnold Encyclopedia and it became my bible! I read it cover to cover! I was in a new town, with new confidence and my health started to improve.

Weightlifting and eating healthy was no longer a thought it was my lifestyle and I was dedicated to both! I started to see more results as I added even more clean calories to my diet.

Then I had a setback; it left me so sick I was unable to drive my car. I never thought I would see the day inside the gym again! Once again my health improved, and I was back in the gym. What a treat just to pick up a dumbbell! There was no stopping me now! Both my mind and body were ready to do some serious work.

I kept increasing my calories by adding more clean carbs. I adjusted my workouts and did the basic movements. I took more days for rest, so I could grow. I was consistent, determined and lifted heavy, while listening to my body.

My health still has its peaks and valleys. When I have a setback, I stay positive and think how far I have already come and how much sweeter the victory will be once I return! When I return, my dedication and determination are that much stronger making my goals limitless!


Pre Workout, Post Workout, Mid Afternoon Snack
Post Workout, Before Bed & During Night (Optional)
Mid Morning
Mid Afternoon Snack & Before Bed

*My amounts of Vitamin C and D are high to help support my immune system, consult with your doctor before consuming this amount!


I increased my caloric intake slowly over a period of time. I wasn't always hungry when it was time to eat. But this was what really helped me grow!

I would also wake up in the middle of the night for an additional protein shake. That extra protein shake in the middle of the night made a big difference too!

Meal 1: Pre Workout
Meal 2: Post Workout
Meal 3
Meal 4
Meal 5
Meal 6
Meal 7
Meal 8: 4 Hours Later (Optional)


I used the principles of Neil Hill's workout program, Getting' Huge with Y3T. I changed the training split to accommodate my needs, 2 days on 1 off. I trained legs over a course of 2 days so I could really focus on them. Each week I would also replace one exercise so my body would not adapt.

Once I finished each workout I would take 10 minutes to stretch the specific muscles I just worked. You can get your own printable copy of the stretches Here. I found taking the time to stretch afterwards really benefited me too.

This is an example of week 1, a heavy week.

Day 1: Quads/Abs/Calves

Warm up:


Day 2: Chest/Triceps
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Hamstrings/Glutes
Day 5: Delts/Abs/Calves
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Back/Biceps
Day 8: Start At Day 1 Again

*PFR - after completing the given reps I would then pulse for the same amount of reps.

Note: You will notice I did not mention cardio. When I got serious about growing I stopped doing cardio. I found this gave me more energy to lift weights and it helped me retain my muscle I was building.

Suggestions For Others

  • Don't worry about what others think of you. Focus on YOU!
  • Get in the zone. This puzzled me forever, but once that light bulb went off, what workouts! Really focus on the muscle and squeeze.
  • Brief but intense! I found when I pushed myself hard and gave it my all, I was in and out of the gym in 60 minutes or less.
  • Rest days are when you GROW, not in the gym.
  • Carbs, carbs, carbs! If you want to get big don't be scared of your carbs!

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