Body Transformation: Gina Schrader Lost Fat And Found A Fitness Career!

When life got busy, Gina got lazy. See how her husband motivated her to lift and start a new career in the fitness industry after losing 83 pounds and 28 percent body fat!

Why I decided to transform

I played multiple high school sports and received a scholarship for volleyball in college. After getting married, having children, and starting a desk job, I began to gain weight. I put family first, and health and fitness became a non-priority.

Two years ago, my father passed away and I became depressed. My weight reached an all-time high and my clothes didn't fit anymore. I didn't feel pretty and never wanted to go out or have fun.

My husband was an avid weightlifter and fitness fanatic. He regularly asked me to go to the gym with him, but I always refused. Many failed attempts later, I finally gave in, and he took me to the gym to teach me how to lift. Every time I went to the gym, I wanted to lift heavier weights and do more reps. It was like playing sports again but against myself.

Weightlifting changed my body immediately. I lost weight and my body shape started to look much better. After losing 50 pounds, I hit a plateau and wasn't sure how to break it. I tried lots of cardio but that didn't work. Then my husband introduced me to his friend who competed in NPC women's physique. She was extremely encouraging and agreed to help me prep for my first show.

Before /// 210 lbs
After /// 127 lbs
AGE 30 / HEIGHT 5'6" / BODY FAT 39%
AGE 31 / HEIGHT 5'6" / BODY FAT 11%

I competed in my first women's physique show in November 2013 and it was an amazing experience. Throughout contest prep, I fell in love with bodybuilding and am planning to compete again in 2014.

My husband encouraged me to leave my unhappy job and follow my dreams. I became a personal and group trainer at my local gym. Now I help others meet their transformation goals. I love going to work every day knowing that I can change someone's future.

My children witnessed the hard work it took for me to complete my transformation and learned the importance of healthy eating and exercise. My family stresses the importance of healthy living and I hope that my children continue these habits as they grow.

How I accomplished my goals

To accomplish my goals, I removed junk food from the house. My husband is a health nut, so he was supportive, which made this process much easier.

There were many days when I thought about giving up, especially when I hit plateaus. I cried sometimes and felt helpless, but I didn't want to feel like that again, so I pushed on harder and am more determined.

I'm inspired by many pros in the industry and love Dana Linn Bailey, Toni Perdikakis, Nicole Wilkins, and Larissa Reis.

What aspect challenged me the most

Dieting was the most challenging part. I'm a total foodie, so I learned to cook with herbs and spices to make bland food delicious. I mastered the art of making healthy food yummy, which helps to curb my cravings.

My future fitness plans

I'm a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I also plan to compete in another women's physique show next summer.

"I mastered the art to make healthy food yummy, which helps to curb my cravings."

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

  • Set short- and long-term goals.
  • Make a plan to reach your goals.
  • Find someone who inspires you.
  • Don't give up!

How helped me reach my goals

During contest prep, I read many articles on I got lots of advice from the forums and ordered many supplements from the store.

Gina's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Beast" by Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard
  2. "Rap God" by Eminem
  3. "Hero" by Skillet
  4. "Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake" by Bring The Horizon
  5. "Spaz" by Krizz Kaliko