Body Transformation: Fitness Infatuation

Katie wanted to shed her baby weight, but once she lost it she kept going! See how she lost 60 pounds and made a career of fitness!

Name: Katie Ann Cates
BodySpace: mrscates

Katie Ann Cates Katie Ann Cates
AGE 24
185 lbs
AGE 26
124 lbs

Why I Got Started

I have never been the 'fit' girl and all the while I wanted to look like them, but never had the drive to actually achieve it.

During my pregnancy I made a mental change and decided that nothing would stop me from being the girl I always knew I could be.

I wanted to live a healthy life and be able to teach my son how to stay active, make it fun and eat healthy. I also wanted to help inspire other moms out there.

I personally know so many women who have children and they always said 'Your body will never be the same after kids.'

I wanted to prove them wrong and I did.

How I Did It

For starters, I would most importantly like to stress how important it is to have a support system. The support system may not include many people, but as long as you have a handful who understand and support you, you can do this! My husband was my biggest fan and still is to this day.

My original plan was to just get back in my clothes I wore pre-pregnancy, but when I got there, it just wasn't cutting it for me. I realized I could be more and wanted more. February 2011 I hired a personal trainer/sports nutritionist to write me a custom meal plan and a workout program. I then purchased my very FIRST gym membership.

I hit the weights Monday-through-Friday and performed cardio at least 4 days per week with 1 day of rest. I let nothing stop me. I booked my first professional photo shoot July 2011. Once July rolled around and my photo shoot was complete, I decided I wanted to take my fitness to the next step. I decided to add a linked account to my personal Facebook page and I called it 'Katie Cates Fitness.'

It started as just a place for me to write about my journey and post my transformation photos, but turned into me taking classes to become a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist myself. I decided along the way I wanted to help others, others just like me who struggle to reach their goals or just want a different lifestyle.

I started my own business and I now operate, build, promote and help others under the name of 'Katie Cates Fitness.' I love what I do and I literally dream about building workout programs for people!

I am currently prepping for my first fitness competition in May 2012. I will enter the bikini division and just hope to learn and grow with the experience and then be able to help my clients do the same.

Suggestions For Others

Have PATIENCE. The results will not happen in a few months and sometimes not even a year. This needs to become a lifestyle change and you must love to do the work. If you can get to that point you will forever be successful in building the healthy and fit body you want.

Just because others 'don't get it,' do not let it kill your passion and drive. If you're looking into competing I suggest hiring a personal trainer and sports nutritionist. It's really hard on your own, even being a trainer I STILL need a trainer.

Believe in your goals and above all NEVER GIVE UP!

I would like to thank my husband who has been my biggest fan and never stopped patting me on the back and telling me I can and I will. My trainer, nutritionist and instructor of PFTA San Antonio, Texas, CJ Woodruff for helping me reach my goals and start my own business!

Thank you to my photographer JoseLuis Studios for making me feel wonderful and photographing amazing pictures! To my friends and family who have followed my journey and believed in me, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Last but not least believe in yourself!

Photographic Credit:
JoseLuis, JoseLuis Studios