Fitness 360: Ashley Johns’ Supplement Stack

To accomplish her goals, Ashley stuck to basic supplementation: protein and pre-workouts to go with her own sweat equity.

Ashley knew she had to change everything to make something new of her self. She gets most of her nutrients from whole foods, but a few timely supplements helped her balance her approach and accomplish her fitness goals.

Ashley's Supplement Philosophy

"It's my personal philosophy to keep my nutrition and supplementation as simple as possible. I stick to lean protein and vegetables at every meal, ensuring I get enough BCAAs, vitamins and minerals to support my body's needs.

"Sometimes pushing out those last five reps - which is where the muscle really grows - is really hard to do without a preworkout. Jack3d preworkout gives me the intensity I need, or may be lacking from a hard day's work, and gets me to finish those 5 reps.

"If I'm trying to build more muscle, I supplement with Optimum Nutrition chocolate whey protein powder. I take casein before bed, giving my muscles what they need overnight. I add BCAAs to replenish and refuel my muscles."

Ashley's Supplement Stack