An In-Depth Look At Animal Nitro!

Essential amino acids are very important in a bodybuilder's arsenal of nutritional supplements. The difference here is the ratio of amino acids that will make this product stand out from the rest. Read on to learn more.

[ Q ] Animal Nitro isn't cheap. Why is it better than other amino products?

    A: Simple. A lot of so-called amino supplements out there are nothing more than whole, intact protein powders like gelatin, casein and whey punched into tablets. That's what makes them cheaper. We think these products could easily be called "protein tablets", not "amino tablets".

    Protein powders are cheaper and digested more quickly than when you turn them into tablets (tablets can be compressed, full of fillers, and glazed with coatings that make them harder for the body to absorb).

    And to top it all off, because of the extra manufacturing, tabs are pricier than straight powders. So in reality, you might only take regular amino tablets if you wanted a convenient, time-released, protein supplement.

    Now Animal Nitro isn't a regular amino acid supplement. It isn't a whole protein made into capsules. It's like pure gold. It consists of individual "uncoupled" aminos that are highly efficient.

    It has a specific ratio of essential amino acids called Human Muscle Protein ComplexTM (see below) that is modeled on actual human muscle protein itself.

    With protein powders, you can't fine tune the amino acid profile like you can with uncoupled aminos. When it came to Animal Nitro, we weren't thinking about making a generic amino supplement. We wanted to make the best, targeted amino acid supplement for specific applications: to help spark anabolism.

[ Q ] Animal Nitro Contains Essential Aminos. What's So Special About Essential Aminos?

    A: Essential aminos are those aminos that your body can't make... You can only get them through your diet. Essential aminos are important for a couple of reasons.

    1. First, your body can take them and turn them into other non-essential aminos as needed.

    2. Second, many of the essential amino acids can be used to make energy (useful during dieting) when needed.

    3. Third, you can maintain a net nitrogen balance on essential aminos only-you don't non-essential aminos to get into an anabolic state.

    4. Fourth, the essential aminos found in Animal Nitro come in the form of uncoupled aminos. They are free of chemical bonds and they do not need to be digested. Therefore, they can be rapidly assimilated, bypass the liver, and enter systemic circulation quickly and efficiently.

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      When essential aminos come in "uncoupled" forms, they can also exert pharmacological and physiological effects that plain protein powders can't.

    1. Fifth, Animal Nitro contains a specific, proven ratio of amino acids. We just don't throw them in there. They come in a precise formula that has been modeled after actual human muscle protein itself.

      No other amino formula has this blend of aminos that we call Human Muscle Protein ComplexTM (see below).

    2. Finally, research has recently shown that non-essential amino acids are not required for boosting anabolism via protein synthesis. Only essential aminos are necessary. So yeah, essential amino acids are just that important.

[ Q ] What Is Human Muscle Protein ComplexTM?

    A: It's the exclusive profile of amino acids found only in Animal Nitro. With Animal Nitro, you get the amino profile that's found in actual human muscle protein itself.

    According to researchers, by matching the types and ratios of amino acids to human muscle, you can potentially increase the availability of each individual essential amino acid in proportion to its requirement for enhancing muscle protein synthesis.

    In other words, if your muscles are a hand, then Animal Nitro's Human Muscle Protein ComplexTM is the glove-the fit between aminos needed by the muscle and aminos provided by Animal Nitro is that good.

[ Q ] Does Animal Nitro need to be cycled?

    A: No. As an amino acid supplement, Animal Nitro does not have to be cycled. You can take every day like the Animal Pak if you want. For the best results, you'd take it on training and non-training days.

    However, if you're trying to stretch it out, it's definitely better to take it on training days. We recommend stacking the Animal Nitro with Animal Pak.

[ Q ] Does Animal Nitro Have BCAAs?

    A: Absolutely. Each pack contains approximately 4600mg of BCAAs. One interesting thing about Human Muscle Protein Complex TM... As you know, we modeled it after actual human muscle protein. As it turns out, human muscle protein has roughly a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine:isoleucine:valine.

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    A wealth of studies have been performed on the benefits of BCAAs specifically and guess what? The important published studies used the same 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs as found in human muscle protein.

    Coincidence? We don't think so. Matching the amino protein profile of an amino supplement to human muscle will yield the best results according to research. Animal Nitro also contains the proven 2:1:1 ratios of leucine:isoleucine:valine. How's that for cool?

[ Q ] How does Animal Nitro compare to whey protein?

    A: You really can't compare whey protein and Animal Nitro. You would use each for different reasons. Whey provides basic aminos needed by the body to function properly. In this way, whey is a general supplement.

    Animal Nitro, on the other hand, is a very targeted supplement. Animal Nitro is more efficient and it can help promote anabolism. It should be used pre- and post-training specifically (though it can also be used throughout the day).

    According to some unpublished results, researchers noted that essential amino acids were incorporated into protein, not catabolized.

    On the other hand, when 40g of whey protein was ingested, urea production increased significantly. Urea is the chief nitrogenous waste of mammals. In short, a lot of whey protein can ultimately turn into a waste product (urea), whereas essential aminos are used by the body.

    Efficiency is one difference. The other main difference is that essential aminos in "uncoupled" forms can exert specific pharmacological and physiological benefits.

[ Q ] I'm dieting. Can Animal Nitro help?

    A: Whether you're dieting, bulking or maintaining, Animal Nitro can help.

    For dieters, Animal Nitro can help keep energy levels up as some of the aminos in Nitro have the ability to be oxidized (used to energy).

    The aminos in Animal Nitro can also exert anti-catabolic effects, helping to preserve lean mass during calorie-restriction. Gainers can also use Animal Nitro.

    With Animal Nitro, they can get key aminos delivered fast without all the extra calories. And Animal Nitro won't leave you feeling full or bloated.

[ Q ] Is 6 grams of aminos enough?

    A: Absolutely. In fact, 6 grams is the exact amount, provided the formula is right. This amount is supported by published studies. Essential aminos are just that efficient.

    In one study, 6g of essential amino acids, orally-delivered, increased protein synthesis by 3.5 times. The key is that you have to use the right kinds/forms of aminos.

    You can't use 6g of a regular, conventional amino acid supplement and definitely not 6g of a protein powder like whey. Those won't cut it. You have to use the right ratios of essential aminos in uncoupled form. Taking more than 6g won't help more. In fact, studies found that more aminos will only get wasted.

[ Q ] Can I use Animal Nitro with my favorite post-training shake and if so, how?

    A: Yup. When taking Animal Nitro, the trick is to take it on an empty stomach. You don't want other aminos and nutrients competing with the special aminos in Nitro. So pre-training, you can take Animal Nitro right before you train.

    Take the Animal Nitro immediately after training as well. Post-training, you have the option of taking Animal Nitro with water, 8 oz. of juice (like grape) or a combination of water and 35g of either sucrose, dextrose, or even maltodextrin.

    Wait at least another 30 minutes or more before taking your regular post-training shake. Now some studies suggest that taking essential amino acids with 35g of sugars can help increase protein synthesis while others show that the sugars aren't necessary.

    Until more definitive research comes out, we created Animal Nitro so that it would give you the ultimate flexibility. You can take it with sugars, or you can take it without.

[ Q ] Does Animal Nitro contain any stimulants?

    A: Nope, it's basically an essential amino acid product.

[ Q ] Is taking Animal Nitro pre-training important?

    A: Yes, taking Animal Nitro prior to lifting can definitely help. Taking the right amino acids before training can impact the response of anabolic hormones including testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin.

    In addition, researchers found that by taking oral essential aminos before training, this could result in a greater anabolic response than when taken after training. So ideally, Animal Nitro would be taken pre- and post-training.

    Animal Nitro Is Greatly Beneficial For Lifters
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[ Q ] How come glutamine wasn't included in Animal Nitro?

    A: While there is a large body of research on glutamine, we weren't convinced that it would have made Animal Nitro better. For starters, while glutamine is an important amino acid, it is not an essential amino acid.

    Your body can synthesize it on its own. And as recent research has pointed out, you only need EAAs to get the job done-the studies that looked at the muscle anabolism, protein synthesis, and muscle protein balance examined essential aminos, not glutamine.

[ Q ] A buddy of mine told me Animal Nitro was just a BCAA product. Is that right?

    A: No. While Animal Nitro contains high levels of BCAAs (close to 4600mg per pack), it is not just a BCAA product. Animal Nitro is an essential amino acid supplement.

    The three BCAAs, valine, leucine, and isoleucine, are all essential amino acids, so they're in Animal Nitro. But Animal Nitro also contains arginine, histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, and threonine-those aminos found in actual human muscle protein itself.

    Not only does Animal Nitro contain those aminos found in human muscle, but it also contains the right ratios of those aminos. This is called Human Muscle Protein ComplexTM and only Animal Nitro has got it.

[ Q ] My whey protein shake already has essential aminos in them. So why should I still take Animal Nitro?

    A: There are a lot of good reasons.

    • For starters, studies looking at amino supplementation following resistance training showed that non-essential amino acids weren't necessary for protein synthesis and anabolism.

      Only essential amino acids are required. Whey protein is typically about 45% essential aminos and 55% non-essential aminos.

    • Plus with whey, the bonds that hold the aminos together must be broken down through the digestive process. As whey protein is digested, many of the aminos get deaminated and ultimately converted to urea, a waste product.

      The special "uncoupled" amino acids in Animal Nitro don't have to be digested; they can enter systemic circulation quickly and efficiently. In the real world, this can make a huge difference.

    • Researchers in one study found that the lack of urea production after taking 6g of essential aminos indicated that these aminos were being incorporated into protein and not being catabolized.

      On the other hand, with 40g of whey protein, urea production increased significantly. So when you compare 6g of essential aminos versus 40g of whey, it looks like a smaller dose of essential aminos are superior to a larger dose of whey protein. Bottom line, when it comes to the nutritional "window of opportunity" around lifting, Animal Nitro kicks ass.

    You can think of the difference between whey protein and Animal Nitro this way. What would you rather have, a 10-pound rock that contains an ounce of gold inside, or an ounce of pure, 24k gold?

    While both have an ounce of gold in it, with the rock, you'd have to get that gold out. It takes time and effort. Well, Animal Nitro is that pure 24k gold, and whey protein is that rock that contains the gold. For more about how Animal Nitro is superior to whey, click here.

[ Q ] Is it really OK to wait another 45 minutes after I take my Animal Nitro pack to take my regular PWO shake?

    A: Yup. Now the nutritional "window of opportunity" may be small, but it still allows an ample amount of time for you to take Animal Nitro and your regular post-workout shake.

    In one study examining the importance of timing when it comes to amino/carb drinks, researchers found that whether you took the drink 1 hour or 3 hours after lifting didn't make a difference when it came to muscle protein synthesis.

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    While timing is important when it comes to Animal Nitro and a post-workout shake, you do have some flexibility. So get the Nitro pack into your system right after training if you can, and then take your post-workout shake about 45 minutes or so after and you should be in good shape.

[ Q ] Why are essential aminos better than non-essential aminos?

    A: For some reason, bodybuilders love essential fatty acids and many supplement with it, even though it occurs naturally in many foods. Yet on the other hand, essential amino acids are ignored.

    In both cases, you can only get them through your diet-your body can't make EFAs or EAAs on its own. Plus, research has shown time and again that only essential amino acids (EAAs) are needed for protein synthesis.

    As researchers have found, non-essential amino acids did not increase muscle protein synthesis, whereas essential aminos did:

"Thus it appears that essential amino acids are the primary stimulators of muscle protein synthesis and that nonessential amino acids are not a necessary component" (Blake, 2000).

    So if you're looking to maximize anabolism following training, it's essential aminos that count. Non-essential aminos aren't required.

[ Q ] Will any product with essential aminos in it be as effective as Animal Nitro?

    A: While essential aminos are important because the body can't make them on its own, not all products with essential aminos in them are equal. None of them have Human Muscle Protein Complex TM, the precise ratio of essential amino acids based on actual human muscle protein itself.

    Further, other products have delivery limitations. In protein powders, for example, the essential aminos are bound up. The body has to go through the work of breaking down these bonds before they can be absorbed. This can take time. The aminos can get deaminated. This is bad.

    Deamination Is Bad? What Is It?
    Deamination is the removal of the amino radical (usually by hydrolysis) from an amino compound.

    Timing of digestion is therefore quite critical if you want to get the benefits from your aminos.

    In Animal Nitro, because we use only "uncoupled" aminos, no digestion is necessary. The essential aminos in Animal Nitro get absorbed quickly and efficiently, and enter systemic circulation where they can do their work.

    Furthermore, while other amino supplements include essential aminos, many of them they either come in the form of hard tablets or are nothing more than proteins punched into tablets. Both would make them far less efficient than Animal Nitro. So Animal Nitro is the best option. It's purer and more efficient.

[ Q ] Is Animal Nitro really worth it?

    A: Absolutely. We think Animal Nitro should be a staple in every lifter's nutritional arsenal. Like Animal Pak, Animal Nitro is a foundational supplement. Just like you wouldn't train without Animal Pak, if you're serious about lifting, you shouldn't train without Animal Nitro.

    Now Is Animal Nitro Really That Expensive?

      Well, let's compare one pack (6g) of Animal Nitro with 40g of whey. At retail prices, a single pack of Animal Nitro is $1.36.

      While that might seem like a lot, compare that to $1.25-$1.75 for a typical 40g serving of whey protein, and you'll see it's not. But while a single serving of Animal Nitro doesn't cost any more than 40g of whey (even less depending on the brand), this isn't the end of the story.

      If you remember from above, researchers concluded that 6g of essential aminos were more efficiently utilized than 40g of whey protein. In other words, while the essential aminos were incorporated into protein, with whey protein, urea (a waste product) production increased "significantly".

      Aminos can't do their job if they're not being absorbed. So if you're going to spend over a buck on a dose of a post-training supplement, shouldn't your body get something out of it?

[ Q ] Can Animal Nitro help me keep my muscle even when I'm not lifting?

    A: Yes it can. The latest research from the University of Texas found that healthy subjects taking a placebo, after 28 days confined to beds, lost about a pound of leg muscle.

    The group taking an essential amino acid mixture with carbs kept their mass. According to lead researcher Dr. Douglas Paddon-Jones,

    "We thought it was the most astounding thing that even though our subjects did no exercise, they were able to maintain muscle mass."

    So the next time you aren't able to hit the gym for a while, for whatever reason, if you want to keep the muscle that you've worked so hard to gain, you may want to take Animal Nitro.