There are a thousand reasons why you need more protein in your diet. If you are reading this article, then most likely you understand the reasons why. The most popular way to get the amount of protein you need is by consuming some type of protein shake 1-3 times per day in between meals. If you are serious about your goals, most experts consider this a must!

Unfortunately, a lot of people tried a protein powder in the past, but then immediately barfed it up into the nearest sink and swore they would never submit their taste buds to that type of torture again. This article is dedicated to those people... This article is dedicated to you.

Hate The Taste Of Protein Powders?

"The most popular way to get the amount of protein you need is by consuming some type of protein shake one to three times per day in between meals."

Are You Sure You Don't Like Protein Shakes?

First of all, how long ago was it that you tried a protein powder? Over the past few years, the taste and texture of these shakes have been taken to new heights. No longer is that "protein" taste quite as strong. No longer does the protein immediately cake at the top of the liquid no matter how much you blend it. No longer do you have to swallow five clumps of powder and then drink the rest of the milk in the glass. Yes, most modern day protein powders can now be considered edible.

Nowadays, many protein shakes can actually be considered good-tasting by most people's standards. In fact, many people will go as far as saying that they are delicious, and they look forward to their shakes each day! I am serious! You owe it to yourself to give them a try again.

Even if you have recently tasted a few different protein shakes, I guarantee you that there are some out there you will absolutely love. All the different protein powders available taste different from each other—some are very different. I will now tell you about some of the best.

Great-Tasting Protein Powders

EAS Myoplex - I used to wonder why everybody was buying this one over all the rest. Why would they pay more for this one when the brand next to it had the same amount of protein for less money? Then I tried it.

I was in shock. This was not a protein powder. Somebody must have messed up at the factory and put a chocolate milk shake in each packet! After the anger wore off, I tried another one. This time I tried the strawberry. It was freakin' amazing! There were even little chunks of strawberries in it. I was hooked.

Myoplex has a lot of high-quality protein per serving, is low in sugar and carbs, low in fat, and even has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it.

Other amazingly good-tasting protein powders are:

There are many others, but these are a few for you to try. In fact, most of the protein powders that are available on are good these days. If they don't taste good, they don't sell well, no matter how good the stats are on them. These foul-tasting proteins are then discontinued very quickly by the manufacturer.

Remember, they all taste different. If you don't like one, try another, and keep trying until you find one that works for you.

Fine! Luckily for you, there are a lot of ways to get your protein each day without just drinking protein shakes. Even if you do like the protein shakes, sometimes it is fun to try different things once in awhile to keep from getting bored.

Ready-To-Drinks (RTDs)

These are premade protein shakes, but they usually taste much different than a shake you mix up. Good ones like Worldwide Pure Protein and Next Designer Whey Blasts have fruit flavors like cherry and grape that taste just like Kool-Aid—but with 40 grams of protein and almost no fat or carbs! It borders on a miracle. There are dozens of different brands out there, and they pretty much all taste great. Just be sure to get one that is low in sugar and fat. Products like Slim-Fast are full of sugar that will add pounds on your waistline instead of your biceps.

I love grabbing a ready-to-drink (RTD) out of my fridge and chugging it down in 25 seconds flat. I wipe off my mouth and smile, knowing that in record time I just took in 30 to 40 grams of high-quality, muscle-building protein.

Protein Bars

The next obvious choice is protein bars. These have also come a long way since they were first invented. Some of you will remember them tasting like chalk and being impossible to eat. The hardcore bodybuilder who just ate two raw eggs mixed with tuna and peanut butter might not have a problem with them, but you do.

Remember, there are many others that taste wonderful. This is just a short list to get you started.

Hate The Taste Of Protein Powders?

Other Types Of Protein Products

There are other products that will help you get your daily protein intake. Here are a few of the best.

SciFit Fat Free Beef Stix: These taste very good and are very juicy. They are fat-free, have only one carb, and have 15 grams of protein per serving.

Amino Acids: Protein is made up of amino acids. Some people like to take amino acid capsules or tablets to get the exact blend of amino acids that they want. If you are really against any other type of protein product, this is an easy way to help. A few good ones are Prolab Active Amino, Twinlab Amino Fuel, Optimum Amino 2222 and SportPharma AminoMaxx 2000.


With all the different flavors and types of protein powders and shakes, and all the other ways to get your extra daily protein, there really is no excuse. If you are serious about your bodybuilding or weight-loss goals, you will experiment with many different products until you find a few favorites. These products were made to make your life easier while helping you to get the amount and type of protein that you need to reach your goals. In the future, your choices will only grow, so always be on the lookout for more exciting products! Of course, you will always be able to get them from at the lowest prices with hassle free service!

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