Supplements are a big part of Jim Stoppani, PhD's, nutrition plan. His column is titled "Ask The Supplement Guru" for a reason! Just like he did for his training and nutrition programs, Jim uses research to back up his supplement choices. Guesswork is a recipe for failure, not success.

More Science, More Supps

"Supplements help provide nutrients in a more concentrated form. We know that certain supplements can help increase muscle mass, strength, and increase fat loss. I am a firm believer in the benefit of supplementing a good diet with the proper ingredients, taken in the proper doses at the right time. I have seen the benefits of supplements firsthand in the lab, in myself, and in the thousands of people who I have worked with"

Jim Stoppani, PhD


Jim admits that all the information out there, much of it conflicting, can be overwhelming. He suggests that every person interested in supplementation should do his or her own research. "A good place to start is, where you can read my articles," he says. "You can also go to PubMed and search for scientific articles on certain ingredients like creatine."

In fact, Jim is so passionate about supplements that he started his own company to create them.

Jim's Supplement Regimen

Upon Waking

Shred Jym
Shred Jym
A Fully Loaded Fat-Loss Weapon Built with Six Synergistic Ingredients.



2 hours Before Workout




Post JYM Active Matrix, 30 Servings - New
Post JYM Active Matrix, 30 Servings - New
Powerful Cocktail Designed to Help Boost Repair, Maximize Recovery, and Build Muscle

1 hour Before Bed

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